Properties of mold need to be validated before manufactured

First point: wear resistance


When the billet is plastic denatured in the mold cavity, it moves and slides along the outer surface of the mold cavity, which causes severe conflict between the outer surface of the mold cavity and the blank, and then leads to the failure of the mold due to wear and tear. So the wear resistance of materials is one of the most basic and important functions of the mold.

Hardness is the primary factor affecting wear resistance. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of mold parts, the smaller the wear amount and the better the wear resistance. In addition, the wear resistance is also related to the type, quantity, shape, size and distribution of carbides in the guess.


Second point: strong patience


Most of the working conditions of the molds are very bad, some of them often bear a large impact load, and then lead to brittle cracking. In order to avoid the sudden brittle fracture of mold parts in operation, the mold should have high strength and endurance.


The durability of the mold depends primarily on the carbon content, grain size and structure of the material.


Third point: fatigue cracking function


In the process of mold operation, fatigue cracking often occurs under the action of cyclic stress for a long time. Its ways are small energy repeated impact fatigue cracking, tension fatigue cracking, touch fatigue cracking and tortuous fatigue cracking.


The fatigue cracking function of the mold mainly depends on its strength, endurance, hardness and inclusion content.


Fourth point: high temperature function


When the working temperature of the mold is higher, the hardness and strength will decrease, leading to wear or plastic deformation in the early stage of the mold and failure. Because the mold data should have high temper resistance stability to ensure that the mold has high hardness and strength at operating temperature.


Fifth point: cold and heat exhaustion resistance function


Some molds are in the state of repeated heating and cooling in the process of operation, which makes the outer surface of the cavity subject to tension and pressure variable stress, causes cracking and shedding of the outer surface, increases the conflict force, prevents plastic deformation, reduces the scale accuracy, and then leads to mold failure. Hot and cold fatigue is one of the most important ways of failure of hot working dies. It is necessary for such molds to have high cold and heat fatigue resistance.


Sixth point: corrosion resistance


Some molds such as plastic molds in operation, because there are chlorine, fluorine and other elements in the plastic guess, decompose into strong corrosive gases such as hci, HF after heating, corrode the appearance of the mold cavity, increase its surface roughness, and aggravate wear failure.


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