“5S” management of plastic mould factory

5S “is the basic method of site management, and” sorting, rectifying, cleaning and literacy “.

Sorting out: distinguish between the things to be used and the things not to be used in the workplace.

Rectification: put the necessary things in order according to the specified location and method, clear the quantity and mark clearly.

Cleaning: clean up the workplace and prevent pollution.

Cleaning: institutionalize, standardize and maintain the results of the above 3S implementation.

Accomplishment: cultivate civilized and polite habits, act according to regulations, and develop good working habits.


So how to implement 5S in plastic mold factory?

The production site of plastic mold will produce a lot of dust, oil, scrap iron, garbage and so on in the production process, which makes the site very messy. Dirty and disordered site will reduce the accuracy of equipment, cause frequent failures, and affect the quality of products; and dirty and disordered site will also affect people’s working mood, making people’s mood become very impetuous. Therefore, 5S finishing of plastic mold factory is very necessary. Tidy up and clean the mold site to create a bright and comfortable working environment.

The main contents of sorting and cleaning are as follows:
1) Clearly divide the working area or the place where the articles are placed.

2) All items shall be placed in the corresponding area, and all items shall be returned to their original positions after being used.

3) All passageways shall be kept clean, unblocked and marked accordingly.

4) Equipment and instruments shall be wiped clean and positioned neatly.

5) The working surface shall be kept clean and tidy without sundries.

6) Operation instruction is required for field operation station. The staff shall operate according to the operation instruction.


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