When designing for manufacture with plastic injection molding, there are still more guidelines to be taken into consideration. The easier it is for the toolmakers to create your mold, the faster your turnaround time will be, increasing the speed that your product will be out there for consumers. Here’s 8 design rules to follow when designing for manufacture:

1. Coherence. Try to make your design uniform throughout. That is, wall thickness, rib thickness and corner radii, for instance, should all be the same values. This will help the part to cool uniformly.

2. Wall thickness. Keeping your walls thin will ensure a faster cooling rate and less materials used. Lower cooling rate and less materials used will result in a shorter cycle time, allowing you more parts in a shorter amount of time, for less production cost.

3. Strengthen parts, ribs are more effective than thicker walls. Adding ribs at right angles to a wall will add considerably to its overall strength. It is a common mistake to thicken the walls of a design to achieve this effect when ribs are a cheaper and more effective option.

4. Ribs. Ribs are structural elements for your part, used for overall stability control. They are thin wall protrusions that extend perpendicularly from a wall or plane. Adding ribs rather than thicker walls will offer greater structural support.

5. Corners and edges should be rounded wherever possible. Sharp edges do not always come out perfectly when the part is ejected from the mould.

6. External undercuts. A protrusion or depression in the outside of your mold – the cavity half – can create problems when trying to separate parts from the mold. Adjust your parting line to accommodate this.

7. Internal undercuts or overcuts. Similar to external undercuts, these protrusions or depressions are on the inside of your mold – on the core half. Adjust your parting line to accommodate this.

8. Threads. If your mould contains a thread, always arrange it perpendicular to the parting line. This will ensure that the fragile thread is not damaged. It is better, if possible, to not include a thread at all in your design. Simplifying your design will lower the chance of something going wrong.


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