A Brief Talk on the Little Idea of Mold Processing by DJ Molding

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What is the development direction of mold processing?

What are the right ideas?

Do small and medium-sized mold factories need a management system?

What is the automation of mold manufacturing?

Are these problems troubling the bosses and managers of many mold enterprises?

This mold has long been known as the mother of industry. However, with the rapid change of products and the emergence of demand for personality, it becomes faster and more subdivided. Mold manufacturing is more polarized. How to make a good mold. Maintain product design quality and cost competition.

The following three aspects are analyzed:

1、 The core of mold manufacturing is mold programming

It determines the mold making method and processing style. A good programmer is also a good craftsman. The original processing method was replaced by advanced equipment. How to do a good job needs to be improved from the following points:

1. Nc program standardization, software and processing strategy.

2. Establish a baseline for processing automation.

3. Cam design standards and processing standardization parameters.

4. Adapt to your own library concept and virtual library.

5. Establish simulation.

6. Establish secondary development, intelligent programming and fine manufacturing.

2、 Mold manufacturing tooling system

This is the skeleton of the processing mold, and also the carrier of the processing parts. The stability and accuracy of the mold manufacturing tooling system determine the quality of the mold. Currently, Elois and 3r systems are mostly used. However, many processing methods need to be developed on this basis to use their own products. Take the Elois system as an example.

1. Use requires understanding of its design principles.

2. During the use process, special personnel shall be assigned to arrange maintenance and spot check maintenance.

3. It can timely change the systematic error of part processing data.

3、 Mold automation

Today, many people are talking about Industry 4.0. However, for intelligent manufacturing of moulds, progress is slow. The reason for this is not to prosecute. How to realize mold automation.

1. Self-developed or imported mold manufacturing management system, often referred to as mes. But this is not a logistics system. Communication with processing equipment is necessary. Control and management of equipment.

2. At an early stage, it is necessary to establish standardization in all aspects, such as standardization of design components, CAM parameters, electrode standardization, and standardization of included component names.

3. Integration of equipment data and CAM data. 3D and calibration data processing of parts.

4. Select tool system and data management carrier.

5. Establish compound automation pipeline+unit.

No matter how the development mode of mold processing is, standardization, automation and informatization are the foundation and must be done. Only by gradually improving the foundation can we develop.



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