Analysis of Common Failure of Plastic Mould

Plastic mould is for plastic processing and forming. They are made of 45 steel, P20, 718 and other plastic mould steels. The failure analysis of plastic mould can better guide the research and development of mould steel. The failure modes of plastic mould are as follows:

  1. Abrasion and Corrosion of Cavity Surface


1) Plastic melt flows in the cavity with a certain pressure, and solidified plastic parts come out of the mould, which will cause friction and wear on the surface of the mould.


2) Reinforcing resin fillers in plastics will cause erosion, wear and corrosion on the surface of cavity.


3) At the same time, the chlorine and fluorine components in plastic processing are decomposed into corrosive gases HCl and HF by heating.


These cross-actions will destroy the coating or protective layer on the surface of the cavity, resulting in wear and corrosion.


  1. Plastic Deformation Failure


1) Plastic deformation failure can be caused by pressure and heat on the surface of plastic mould cavity, especially when small mould works on large tonnage equipment, it is easier to produce overload plastic deformation.


2) The strength and toughness of materials used in plastic moulds are insufficient and the resistance to deformation is low.


3) The hardening layer on the surface of the plastic mould cavity is too thin, the deformation resistance is insufficient or the working temperature is higher than tempering temperature, and the phase transformation softening occurs.


These will lead to dents, wrinkles, pitting, corner collapse and other damage on the surface of the mould.


  1. Fracture of Plastic Mould


1) The shape of plastic mould is complex, and there are many edges, corners, thin-walled parts, where local stress concentration will lead to fracture.


2) Structural stress, thermal stress or insufficient tempering caused by temperature difference, at which retained austenite transforms into martensite, resulting in local volume expansion and organizational stress in the mould.


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