Analysis of cooling time in injection molding

The cooling time of plastic injection molding products accounts for about 80% of the whole injection molding production cycle. If the injection molding parts are cooled properly, the product quality is qualified. If the cooling is not qualified, it will lead to warpage deformation or surface defects, which will affect the dimensional stability of the products. The injection molding manufacturers analyze the cooling of injection molding parts for you.


The cooling time of injection molded parts generally refers to the period from the time when the plastic melt fills the cavity of the injection mold to the time when the parts can be taken out by opening the mold. The time standard for the parts to be taken out by opening the mold is often the time when the parts have been fully solidified and have a certain strength and rigidity, so that they will not deform and crack when they are ejected by opening the mold.

1、 Generally, the following three injection standards are used as the cooling time reference

1. The temperature of the center layer of the thinnest part of the wall of the plastic injection molding part, and the time required for cooling to below the thermal deformation temperature of the plastic

2. The average temperature in the cross section of plastic injection molding parts, the time required for cooling to the specified mold temperature

3. The temperature of the center layer of the thinnest part of the wall of the crystalline plastic molding part, the time required for cooling to below its melting point, or the time required for reaching the specified crystallization percentage.

2、 In solving the formula, the following hypotheses are usually made

1. The plastic is injected into the injection mold, and the heat is transferred to the injection mold, so it is cooled

2. During the cooling process of the plastic injection parts, the temperature of the cavity surface of the injection mold is still maintained

3. The degree of heat conduction on the surface of the injection mold is certain, and the filling process of the molten material is regarded as an isothermal process

Injection parts processing from plastic particles, injection design, injection mold manufacturing, injection processing and other complex processes, if the cooling time control is not good, often lead to injection parts product quality problems.



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