Assembly and quality inspection process of plastic parts

How to inspect and assemble the plastic model in the injection molding plant? What is its operation process like? Now by the assembly of Dj Mold, the quality inspection director will analyze for you.

1. Assembly and quality inspection

When all the accessories are finished, they need to be assembled, and the assembly process has been designed in the disassembly programming stage. Just as we do the structure, we need to think about the assembly process clearly before we can start construction. In the later stage, we can assemble step by step according to the process.

After assembly, it is necessary to check whether the whole model meets the design requirements. For example, in terms of appearance, there should be no break, deformation, uneven gap or mouth opening. In terms of structural coordination, it depends on whether the parts can be assembled, whether there are assembly defects, interference, screw holes not machined in place, and other processing defects.

2. Delivery

The product can be packaged to prevent the model from being damaged in the process of transportation. It can be delivered directly to the door by express or driver.

The above is about the assembly and quality inspection production process of the plastic parts. If you want to know more about the process processing and production process, please log in to the Dj Mold official Internet bar, where there are more relevant design cases for your reference, and look forward to your visit!


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