Attention must be paid to these points during injection molding

Recently, many friends asked what should be paid attention to in the injection mold. Today, DJ Molding is here to show you what should be paid attention to in the injection mold!

1. The shrinkage coefficient of each material is different, and the injection mold needs a reasonable shrinkage.

2. The injection mold needs to be rigid enough, otherwise it will be deformed during clamping and pressure maintaining, causing “flash”.

3. If the product is ejected while opening the mold, the ejector page of the injection molding machine can be set.

4. We need to choose a reasonable demoulding method and a reasonable ejector pin position and number to ensure that the product is not damaged during the ejection process.

5. The cooling in injection mold is related to the product size, shape, plastic properties, holding time and other factors.

6. The reasonable exhaust position and quantity control should be selected for injection mold. Otherwise, the plastic injection is insufficient and the product is “short of material”

7. The fixing mode of injection mold and injection molding machine shall be reasonable, reliable and firm to prevent accidents caused by displacement during mold closing. It shall be easy to disassemble.

8. When there is no return spring in the injection mold, the moving mold part moves with the injection molding machine, and the ejector plate of the mold is connected with the ejector rod of the machine (commonly known as strong ejector).

9. The injection path shall be reasonably selected so that the material can reach each place evenly, and there shall be enough storage to ensure that the plastic is replenished during the shrinkage process.

10. The post-treatment of injection mold materials is not required, because the plastic is soft and does not require any special requirements such as hardness, and the heat treatment process may cause mold deformation.

11. The roughness level of the injection mold cavity needs to be “mirror level”, otherwise it is difficult for the product to demould. If the force is too high when the product is ejected, the product will be damaged.



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