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What is the burning of injection molding products?

Recently, when we were producing an injection molding product, we found that there was often a burning problem. During molding, the surface of the product seems to be burned with fire.
The inspector saw the trial production of more than 10 samples, all of which had such problems, so he asked the technician  to help re debug the machine.
The technician explained that when plastic injection molding products are injected, the air in the mold will be discharged from the exhaust […]

Application of ultrasonic welding in industrial injection molding product design

As we all know, in the design of industrial injection molding products, the use of ultrasonic is a highlight to solve the problem of product design and assembly. A lot of product design needs to use assembly buckle, but because the buckle assembly sometimes has a loose problem, the product will not perform well in the waterproof aspect!
In the design of industrial injection molding products, ultrasonic welding is a fast, clean and reliable assembly process, which has the following […]

Injection molding products have black spots how to do?

Some transparent plastic parts, white plastic parts or light colored plastic parts in injection molding products often appear black spots in injection molding. I believe that some people feel headache. Why is this phenomenon? That is because of the decomposition of plastic or combustible volatiles in the material, air, etc. decomposition and combustion under high temperature and high pressure. The combustion material is injected into the plastic cavity with the melt material, and the surface of the plastic parts […]

Assembly and quality inspection process of plastic parts

How to inspect and assemble the plastic model in the injection molding plant? What is its operation process like? Now by the assembly of Dj Mold, the quality inspection director will analyze for you.
1. Assembly and quality inspection
When all the accessories are finished, they need to be assembled, and the assembly process has been designed in the disassembly programming stage. Just as we do the structure, we need to think about the assembly process clearly before we can start […]

What is the function of adding toner in injection molding?

Injection molding factory in the production of products, injection molding process, need to add toner, then add the role of toner? What should be paid attention to when adding, so as not to affect the quality of injection parts. Let’s get to know about it with Dj Mold.
1. Why add toner to injection molding
At present, it is widely used in industrial products, and it is the same in injection molded parts. Various colors of toner will be used to […]

The principle of product design in which overmolding factory is responsible to customers

The products of overmolding  factory, in line with the principle of responsibility to customers, have passed many experiments to verify the material and structure design of the products before they are delivered to the customers. So, what principles do we all follow for these products that are in close contact with the skin of the human body?
Reasonable design is to ensure the necessary function of the product, so that the overall cost of the finished products tends to a […]

Plastic mold temperature control

The temperature of plastic mold has a great influence on the quality of product molding, which is one of the three major process conditions of injection molding. For precision injection molding, there is not only the problem of high and low temperature, but also the problem of temperature control accuracy. Obviously, in the process of precision injection molding, if the temperature control is not accurate, the fluidity of plastic melt and the molding performance and shrinkage of the product […]

Silk screen printing of plastic products manufacturers — make your products more popular

When making a lot of buttons and other small plastic parts, it is difficult to make a more obvious marking effect by using texture. JasonMould will complete the effect of product identification through injection molding products and screen printing.
Screen printing belongs to hole plate printing, which is called four printing methods together with flat printing, convex printing and gravure printing. Hole plate printing includes transcribing plate, engraving plate, spray printing and screen printing.
The principle of hole plate printing is: […]

The material performance is very important in the process of injection mold processing

In the process of injection mold processing products, material plays a particularly important role in the appearance and performance of product molding, so choosing the right material is very important for the product. Let’s introduce PA6 material today.
Injection mold_ Material Science
PA6 material is widely used in structural parts and has good wear resistance. Because of its low melting point, the process temperature range is very wide. Its impact resistance, solubility resistance and hygroscopicity are better than PA66.
Under the injection […]

Assembly and quality inspection process of industrial plastic model in injection molding plant

How is the plastic model in the injection molding factory inspected and assembled? So what is the operation flow of it? Now it is the assembly of JasonMould, and the quality inspection supervisor will analyze it for you.
Injection molding plant – inspection workshop
1. assembly and quality inspection of injection molding plant
When all the accessories are finished, assembly is required. The assembly process has been designed in the disassembly programming stage. Just like our structure, we should think the assembly […]