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How to solve the matte surface of plastic injection parts?

Low gloss means that the surface is dark and dull, and the transparency of transparent products is low. There are many reasons for poor gloss. The surface gloss defects of general products can be divided into the following three types: plastic mold failure, improper molding conditions, improper use of raw materials.
Injection mold failure
Because the surface of the plastic part is the reproduction of the surface of the mold cavity of the plastic mold, if the surface of the plastic […]

Is brittle fracture of plastic products the reason?

Brittle fracture often occurs in the production of plastic products. What is the cause? JasonMould with 15 years of mold manufacturing experience summed up the following causes of brittle fracture?
1. Insufficient injection and packing pressure of injection molding machine;
2. The back pressure is too small and the raw materials are not solid enough;
3. If the back pressure is too high, the heat of shearing and friction will increase;
4. The rate of fire is too slow to crystallize sufficiently;
5. The […]

How to prevent the repeated test of injection mold?

Most people are particularly concerned about “how much is the cost of the injection mold?” In general, the cost accounting of injection mold is mostly traceable. But there are also some cases where the cost of the injection mold will be increased. One of them is repeated trial. The repeated trial mold not only increases the cost of injection mold, but also delays the time of product putting into the market, which is very disadvantageous for customers to seize […]

Raw material purchasing process of plastic mould

In order to maintain stable quality and high production life of plastic mold, the importance of the quality of steel used is self-evident. The quality of steel directly affects the life of plastic mold quality. Therefore, in the selection of plastic mold steel, we need to consider the mold steel material suitable for customer demand.
In general, if the customer requires a high output, the steel with higher hardness must be selected, otherwise it is easy to wear and tear, […]

What causes short shot of plastic mold in injection molding?

Short shot refers to the phenomenon that the cavity of plastic mold is not completely filled due to the insufficient fluidity of plastic, resulting in incomplete plastic products. The main reason is improper injection pressure and speed (including excessive pressure loss caused by resistance), which is mainly affected by the following aspects:
1、 Injection molding machine
(1) Insufficient injection molding capacity – this is caused by the high capacity of the injection molding machine, which may also be caused by insufficient […]

How to ensure the precision of injection parts in high precision injection mold factory?

The characteristics of high precision injection molding are as follows:
The specification of injection molded parts has high precision and small dimensional tolerance.
To ensure the requirements of high precision injection molding, the necessary standards are as follows:
1. Good die material, enough stiffness, die specification accuracy, smoothness and precision positioning between the templates should be high.
2. High precision injection molding machine should be selected.
3. High precision injection molding process should be selected.
4. Plastic materials suitable for high precision injection molding process […]

Personalized customization of plastic mold has become the development trend

Engineers at a plastic mold manufacturing company say they are first tier suppliers to large auto parts companies, but since last year, they have received more and more customized orders for small plastic molds. When people think that there are more and more small customized products in the Bluetooth headset plastic mold industry, even the hardware industry has this trend.
In short, the plastic mold manufacturing industry has been connected with the Internet. In the early days of the absence […]

Solutions to common defects in TPE injection molding

The appearance of various irregular lines on the surface of TPE products, which affect the appearance quality of products, must be common. Various texture defects on the surface of TPE products can be divided into the following two situations according to their causes:
1. Injection flow mark
Injection flow mark is the trace of molten metal flow, which takes the gate as the center and presents stripe shape. Flow mark is the boundary between the material injected into the mold cavity […]

Five techniques for optimizing injection molding process

What does “optimizing” the injection molding process mean? Generally speaking, this means that the process must be carefully checked to achieve valuable and effective process objectives. Let’s take a look at five techniques for doing this.
1. Quality control by manufacturing samples.
Of course, quality control is the key part of the whole molding production process, which is usually carried out in the later stage of production, while the quality control of sample parts is different. In order to pursue the […]

How to achieve higher product performance tolerance in injection mold processing

What is the tolerance range?
Tolerance is an acceptable limit of variation: including physical properties or dimensions.
In the process of injection mold processing, the size of plastic parts depends on many variables, and it is not necessarily processed into accurate size like other manufacturing processes. The factors affecting the size change of plastic parts include: material, performance, design, machine and production process.
In the injection mold design stage, uncertainty of mold tolerance can lead to incorrect matching, product or function failure, […]