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The process of plastic injection moulding for additive manufacturing and low volume manufacturing from china

Jason Mould is a professional china plastic injection molding company,we are mainly offer custom plastic injection molding,plastic injection mould design and plastic injection molding manufacturer.
Today we will tell you something about the process of plastic injection moulding for additive manufacturing and low volume manufacturing from china

Plastics are found everywhere which has widely changed our lifestyle. At present, maximum of products are produced with plastic and everyone are quite comfortable with the plastic materials because of its durability and flexible nature. Have […]

The best china plastic injection molding maker for rapid prototyping and 3D printing additive manufacturing

It is possible to find in China a trusted manufacturer that only provides products of excellent quality.
During the last years it has become quite popular the manufacture of various objects with materials such as plastic, this of course thanks to the large number of benefits and contributions they have on any other type of materials.

Due to the high demand for products, companies have been forced to innovate in terms of manufacturing and production.
In incredibly large countries, such as China, […]

China Plastic Injection Molding Maker Announces Plastic Mold Production For A Variety Of Industries

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a mold manufacturer in China that can offer plastic mold making, rapid prototyping and CNC machining services for different industries.

With their great specialization in plastic mold production, JasonMould can cater to the needs of the industries, such as home appliances, electronic items, medical equipment, safety devices and so on. The company has own production facility with various machineries and tools to handle mold making projects of any volume. They have the expertise in offering […]

Analysis and solution to the causes of bubbles and voids in TPE injection molded products

TPE bubbles and voids mostly refer to the voids generated inside the thick wall of the molded part. The outer casing of the molded part is condensed and solidified by injection molding, and the amount of the melt is insufficient relative to the entire part, thereby generating vacuum holes, which generally occur. In places where the product is thick and at the sprue. It is called a bubble or a void. Generally speaking, if a bubble is found at the moment […]

China custom plastic injection molding maker supplier with rapid prototyping service for 3D printing and additive manufacturing

Plastic injection molding has been considered in various industries today.
Plastic injection molding is a very required method in the manufacturing industries, since it allows all those involved to request various products without worrying about their size, shape or quantity of use, this is because there are companies like JasonMould that only They offer pieces of the best quality to the market.

This type of manufacturing has managed to greatly boost those who are dedicated to 3D printing.
Thanks to this procedure, […]

Causes of dents in mould processing of automotive plastic parts

Plastic mould processing as a processing technology, after its production or completion, there will be some bad situation. How to solve this problem?
The causes of dents are as follows:
1) Insufficient cooling of the mould and insufficient cooling time will cause serious deformation.
2) Insufficient internal pressure of the mould will also occur.
3) The thickness of each part of the product is different. In this case, the overall treatment method is to reduce the barrel temperature and mould temperature, force cooling in the […]

Is there a company that offers quality custom plastic injection molding services in Shenzhen or Dongguan China?

Not all companies that plastic injection molding can meet the needs of their customers.
Sometimes, a company can not offer a complete service to a client because it has certain limitations, either of space, speed of manufacture and also of the customized creation of the requested design.
The companies involved in plastic injection molding know that sometimes customers request certain types of elements that are outside the standards they have in their most common designs, therefore, many of these have been […]

How to find the best plastic injection moulding maker and custom injection molding design services suppliers in shenzhen china

How to find the best plastic injection moulding maker and custom injection molding design services suppliers in shenzhen china?
Actually, the injection moulding is a kind of mechanized process and it can be used to inject the molten substance. This molten material can infuse into any mold and it also commonly used for the fabrication use of plastic components. It does not matter what application, size and intricacy of a product, but the moulding can be handled out with a […]

10 Factors Affecting The Quality Of Injection Molds

Mold manufacturing is a complicated process. From the steps of design, processing, assembly, debugging, etc., to the final use, there are mainly 10 factors that affect the quality of the mold throughout the lifetime.
1.Steel is the decisive factor in the quality of the mold, and choosing the right steel is the top priority. 
The criteria for choosing steel are:
①Requirements for injection molding materials
Different plastics should use different steels, such as requirements for high polishing, corrosion resistance, etc.z
If the steel is […]

How the custom plastic injection molding services and low volume additive manufacturing from china enhance the industrial work

Injection molding is a process for producing the best parts by properly injecting the molten material into the mold. This process can be done with a host of premium materials like elastomers, glasses, metals and confections. Plastic injection molding services and products play the important role behind the improved success rate of many industries. Get the complete guidance from experts in the plastic injection molding and make an informed decision to use such things as per their industrial development requirements.

Many industrialists […]