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How to improve the ejector pin in the injection molding process

In the injection molding process, what causes the ejector pin?
There are many reasons for ejector pin in injection molding products, such as too high mold temperature, too high injection pressure, too large pressure holding, unreasonable thimble distribution, insufficient demoulding force and so on.
How to improve the ejector pin in the injection molding process?
1. Avoid over injection of plastic melt.
2. Reduce injection pressure and holding pressure.
3. Reduce the injection speed, optimize the feed system design, and achieve good filling.
4. Properly […]

How to finish the mold processing order on time

How to ensure that the mold processing orders can be completed successfully?


Each customer if wants to choose, to ensure their own mould processing orders can be smoothly in a short period of time, it is best to also will be able to determine the size of each enterprise, that is to say as far as possible the choice of more large-scale enterprises, because of massive basically in this aspect of an enterprise is not likely to be some delay, […]

Application of injection molding in automobile industry

In mass production of high quality and consistent products, injection molding is the most feasible solution. In the automotive industry, consistency, safety and quality are the most important, so in the automotive field, injection molding is one of the main methods of plastic parts molding. So what is its application in?
Hood components
In the past 20 years, many engine hood parts that were once made of metal have been transformed into plastic products. For these applications, common plastic materials are […]

Basic parts of plastic injection mold

No matter what kind of mold is inseparable from the components, plastic injection mold is the same. Here Jasonmould shares you the basic parts of the plastic injection mold.

Forming parts, including the die, punch, a variety of forming core, are forming products inside, outside the surface or upper, lower end, side hole, side concave and thread parts.


Support fixed parts, including mold seat plate, fixed plate, support plate, pad, etc., to fix the mold or support pressure.


Guide parts, including guide […]

What information do you need for the quotation of plastic mould?

1. Product design drawings (2D, 3D) or templates shall be provided. For precision parts, 2D drawings shall be provided to indicate relevant requirements. Such as: dimensional tolerance, geometrical tolerance, parting line position, etc.
2. The material, color, surface treatment, expected output and transportation mode of the product.
3. If there are special design requirements, they need to be detailed.

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Jasonmould is a China mold maker of plastic molds- injection mold, die casting moulds, plastic blow molding, rotational molding, medical plastic injection molding, […]

Heat treatment and production process of precision injection molding

In the process of heat treatment, the deformation of precision injection mold often occurs. In order to prevent this kind of bad phenomenon, as long as we grasp the deformation law and analyze the causes, different methods can be used to prevent the deformation of mold, which can be reduced and controlled. In general, the following methods can be adopted to prevent the deformation of precision injection mold during heat treatment.
(1) Reasonable material selection: for precision injection mold, micro […]

How to reduce the cost of plastic mold

Reduce the cost of plastic mold processing, can effectively improve the economic benefits of plastic mold factory production, conducive to the plastic mold factory and product market competitiveness. If the plastic mold factory can reduce a variety of unnecessary waste, so as to achieve reasonable storage, use materials, reduce costs, improve the purpose of efficiency, so as to ensure the reasonable needs of production, but also to reduce the use of capital and waste. So, what is the plastic […]

Analysis of injection process of PC plastics

PC plastics have excellent properties, high transparency, good impact toughness, creep resistance, wide temperature range. PC plastics have the following process characteristics
The sensitivity of melt viscosity to shear rate is small, but to temperature is large, there is no obvious melting point, the viscosity of melt is high, the resin is easy to hydrolyze at high temperature, and the product is easy to crack. In view of these characteristics, special attention should be paid to differential treatment: to increase […]

The advantages of spray painting on the surface of plastic parts

The surface of the plastic part can be sprayed to ensure the brightness of the product. Because plastic is so hard to embody, plastic parts look darker, and even darker if they are covered in leather. Therefore, in the pursuit of a beautiful surface, Some customers requires to spray a layer of  painting on the surface of plastic parts. This will ensure the brightness of the product.
Spraying the surface of plastic parts can reduce the scrap rate of parts. […]

How to deal with the weld lines of injection parts?

What is weld lines
Weld lines are the most common defects in injection molded products. Except for a few injection molded parts with very simple geometry, weld lines occur in most injection molded parts (usually with one line or V-shaped groove), especially in large-scale complex products requiring multi gate mold and inserts.
Weld lines not only affect the appearance quality of plastic parts, but also the mechanical properties of plastic parts, such as impact strength, tensile strength, elongation at break, etc. […]