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Differences between Cold Runner and Hot Runner

As the name suggests, the surface difference between cold runner and hot runner is the temperature, and the cold runner is the basic form of injection mold. The so-called cold runner is the conventional injection mold. After the injection, there must be some condensate in the runner.
With the reduction of resources, competition in the market and substantial increase in raw material prices, it is very necessary to make a big deal on saving materials. This is also an important […]

Four Critical Questions To Ask When Finding An Injection Mold Manufacturer

Sourcing An Injection Mold Manufacturer
Choosing an injection mold manufacturer that you trust can be the most difficult, but the most important decision you make for your business. Asking questions is one of the best ways to determine if you and a potential company are a good fit. Making sure a company can handle your request and accomplish it in a reasonable period of time is key. Quality and budgets are also key factors to ask about.
Here are four important […]

What Is Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection mold is a mold used to form parts of thermoplastic products. Its forming features: after the plastic is heated to the flow state in the injection molding machine barrel, the closed mold is used to pass the viscous plastic in the barrel through the machine nozzle with high pressure element, and it is injected into the mold and enters the mold cavity through the pouring system and fills the mold cavity. The product is then molded by […]

Why ISO Compliance Is Important For Injection Molded Plastics Products

Trust Jasonmould Plastics
Injection molded plastics are used in a wide range of applications and across many different industries. By using a mold to make the products, the manufacturer can guarantee that each piece is exactly the same as the approved prototype and is able to produce large quantities of the product to client specifications. Injection molding is best suited to orders for mass quantities or orders for small parts because of the high upfront costs of designing a custom […]

China Mould Brand Is Becoming The International Mainstream

In recent years, China’s mould manufacturing industry has been developing and improving, and in some respects it has been able to compete with foreign manufacturers. In addition, the production cost of mould in China is much lower than that of foreign countries. In recent years, our country not only reduces the import of mould, but also opens up the export market, and exports more and better products to foreign countries.

It is reported that China is a superpower of die casting, and the […]

How To Make Plastic Injection Molding Competitive In China

Plastic injection molding is one of the most cost effective ways, if not the most cost effective way, to manufacture parts. However there are some factors to consider when you decide whether plastic injection molding in China is a competitive option for you.
The adage “time is money” has been true since recorded history. So considering the time it will take to complete an injection molding run is crucial. An injection molding job can run from 4 to 12 weeks, this doesn’t include […]

Outlook of China’s Mould Manufacturing Industry

In daily life, when people buy goods, they laugh when they see Made in China. In China, the rapid development of mould manufacturing can not be separated from the development of China’s manufacturing industry. Just like fish cannot without water, only Chinese manufacturing industry has developed, the mould manufacturing industry will follow the growth and development, the development of the mould industry has been paid more and more attention . Some people say that the mould manufacturing industry is out of […]

5 Ways To Perfect Your Plastics Design And Engineering

When you begin a plastics design and engineering project, the goal is to create and manufacture a quality injection molded component. To accomplish that, you’ll want to consider front-ending some essential parts of the designing and engineering process so the actual manufacturing process will operate smoothly. This will ultimately save you time and money in the long run.

Select The Right Material

This may be the most straightforward rule of the previous four. Determine what material is right for your part. Is […]

Differences Between Double Color Mold and Overmold

Double color mold: two kinds of plastic materials are molded on the same injection molding machine, and are molded in two times, but the products only die once. Generally, this molding process is also called double injection molding, usually by a set of molds, and a special two-color injection molding machine is needed.
Overmold: two kinds of plastic materials do not have to be injected into the same injection machine and are molded in two times. After taking out the […]

Are You Getting All You Can From Your Manufacturing Engineering Services Partner

Plastics In-House Engineering Capabilities
Most manufacturers get components and assemblies from a variety of vendors. It’s not cost-effective to produce these items in-house. However, your vendors don’t have to be just glorified warehouses that provide pieces of your products. A full-featured manufacturing engineering services partner offers not just manufacturing but also engineering design and support.
Manufacturing and Engineering Services
Obviously your first concern with manufacturing engineering services is their ability to manufacture. You need to be sure the company has the capacity […]