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The modern injection mold making shop operates under very tight deadlines, with ever-increasing complexity in the tooling requirements. More and more features are being designed into the finished plastic part that is produced by the injection mold, and these features often involve precision CNC machining.
Plastic is just about the 21st century’s most widely used materials. It is used for items of various kinds, styles, and measurements. Plastic can be used for ordinary things like bottles, bottle caps, storage containers, and […]

Matters needing attention in Assembly drawing Design of plastic Mold processing

As a kind of mechanical processing, injection mould processing has the general characteristics of machining, and it also has its own unique characteristics. The assembly drawing of plastic mould processing is also very important as the supplement of mould drawing. Therefore, for the plastic mold assembly drawing, it is suggested that the designer should do the following eight aspects.
1. Whether the plastic product has definite reference positioning on the mould .
2. The assembly position of each part of plastic […]


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Today we will tell you something about thermoplastic injection molding.
Thermoplastic injection molding  is a high production method of producing a vast variety of thermoplastic parts into shapes ranging from fairly simple to quite complex. Thermoplastic injection molding has several sub categories, […]


Injection molds are divided into thermosetting plastic molds and thermoplastic molds according to their molding characteristics, and according to the molding process, they are divided into transfer moulds, blow moulds, casting moulds, thermoforming moulds, hot-pressing moulds (pressure-moulding moulds, injection molds, etc.),The hot pressing die can be divided into three types: overflow type, half overflow type and no overflow type. The injection mould can be divided into cold runner mould and hot runner mold by pouring system, and can be […]


The double color injection molding machine consists of two pre-plasticization and injection systems, wherein slight fluctuation of temperature, pressure and quantity of the injected fused materials will influence the color and pattern of products. To ensure uniform appearance of the same batch of products, the technical parameters such as temperature, pressure as well as quantity of injection of the two systems must be under strict control and be kept invariable during production.

The blended color injection molding machine is long and complicated […]

Classification of plastic moulds

According to the different molding methods, we can divide different types of plastic processing mould corresponding to different process requirements, mainly including injection mould, extrusion mould, plastic suction mould, high foaming polystyrene mould and so on.
1.Plastic injection mould
It is mainly a kind of molding mould which is widely used in the production of thermoplastic parts. The corresponding processing equipment for plastic injection mould is plastic injection molding machine. The plastics are first heated and melted in the bottom heating […]


PVC material is amorphism material, usually when injection molding the PVC material, it will also add stabilizer, lubricant, antiimpact agent and others. PVC material is with low flammability, high strength .PVC material Chemical and physical prosperity: PVC is the most extensive used plastic material.
Runner and injection gate: all the normal injection gate can use, if the plastic parts is very small, then it will be better to use valve gate or submarine gate, for the large plastic parts with […]

The protocol of the mould structure

1.  Determine the number of cavities and their arrangement
Generally , small plastic parts with high precision requirements and medium and large plastic parts are preferred to adopt the structure of one mold and one cavity; for small plastic parts with low precision requirements (no matching precision requirements) simple shape and mass production, If the multi-cavity mould is adopted, it can provide unique superior conditions and greatly improve the production efficiency. The number of cavities can be determined according to […]


The definition of injection molding is as a method of production objects which is done by the use of an injection molding machine with a heat-meltable plastic material. The shape of products is controlled by a confined chamber called a mold.

The injection molding process is one of the most versatile production methods in the plastic manufacturing industry. It is a major processing technique for converting thermoplastics or thermoset plastics into variety types of products for different end uses such […]

The definition and development of the injection mould

General definition of mould: in industrial production, metal or nonmetallic materials are made into parts or products of the desired shape by pressure with various presses and special tools mounted on the presses. The special tools are collectively called molds.
The injection process explains that the mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It consists of several parts, and the combination has a molding cavity. When injection molding, the mold is clamped on the injection molding machine, and the […]