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Two brothers of injection molding products: TPU and TPR

Speaking of the two major materials in injection molding products: TPU and TPR, I have to mention them. They play an important role in the injection molding industry. So, their TPR materials and silica gel materials have similar hardness and physical properties, and are environmentally friendly soft compounds. What are the differences between them?
Injection molded TPU has a wide hardness range (60ha-85hd), wear resistance, oil resistance, transparency and good elasticity. It is widely used in daily necessities, sporting goods, […]

Injection molding products have black spots how to do?

Some transparent plastic parts, white plastic parts or light colored plastic parts in injection molding products often appear black spots in injection molding. I believe that some people feel headache. Why is this phenomenon? That is because of the decomposition of plastic or combustible volatiles in the material, air, etc. decomposition and combustion under high temperature and high pressure. The combustion material is injected into the plastic cavity with the melt material, and the surface of the plastic parts […]

Plastic mold temperature control

The temperature of plastic mold has a great influence on the quality of product molding, which is one of the three major process conditions of injection molding. For precision injection molding, there is not only the problem of high and low temperature, but also the problem of temperature control accuracy. Obviously, in the process of precision injection molding, if the temperature control is not accurate, the fluidity of plastic melt and the molding performance and shrinkage of the product […]

How to match color of plastic masterbatch

The color matching of plastic color masterbatch is based on the three basic colors of red, yellow and blue, to match the colors that are pleasing, meet the color difference requirements of the color card, economical and can not change color when used after processing. In addition, plastic coloring can also give plastics a variety of functions, such as giving plastics some special functions; Improve the light resistance and weatherability of plastics, such as conductivity, antistatic; Different color agricultural […]

Characteristics of insert molding

Insert molding is a molding method for the integrated product by injecting resin into the pre prepared dissimilar inserts in the mold, and the fusion materials are bonded and solidified with the inserts.
Out SERT molding on the substrate refers to the method of embedding the injection molding parts on the metal plate surface.
The two molding methods are essentially the same. Its characteristics are as follows.
1. The composite of the resin’s formability, bending property and metal rigidity, strength and heat […]

Discussion on the causes of yellowing of plastic products

Generally speaking, the yellowing of plastic products is caused by the aging or degradation of materials. Generally, PP is caused by aging (degradation). Due to the existence of the upper side group of polypropylene, its stability is not good, especially in the case of light. Generally, light stabilizers are added. As for PE, because there is no side base, there is not a lot of yellowing at the initial stage of processing or use. PVC will turn yellow, which […]

Causes and solutions of sprue sticking in injection molding

Causes and solutions of sprue sticking during injection molding:
(1) The cooling time is too short and the sprue has not yet solidified.
(2) If the gradient of the sprue is not enough, the demoulding gradient should be increased.
(3) The improper fit size between the sprue bushing and the nozzle results in leakage.
(4) The main channel is rough and there is no cooling well in the main channel.
(5) If the temperature of nozzle is too low, the temperature should be increased.
About JasonMould […]

Analysis of cooling time in injection molding

The cooling time of plastic injection molding products accounts for about 80% of the whole injection molding production cycle. If the injection molding parts are cooled properly, the product quality is qualified. If the cooling is not qualified, it will lead to warpage deformation or surface defects, which will affect the dimensional stability of the products. The injection molding manufacturers analyze the cooling of injection molding parts for you.
The cooling time of injection molded parts generally refers to the […]

Causes and solutions of bubbles in injection molding

In the process of injection molding, bubble is a very common phenomenon, light is harmless, heavy directly affects the actual quality of injection molding products.
1、 Causes of bubbles in injection molding
In the process of injection molding, when the wall thickness of the product is large, the cooling speed of the outer surface is faster than that of the central part. Therefore, with the cooling process, the resin in the central part shrinks and expands to the surface, resulting in […]

How to solve the peculiar smell of injection molding products

Injection molding products are not only required to be qualified in quality, but also have adverse effects on customers if there is a peculiar smell in the produced injection parts. In particular, some injection molding plants use qualified plastic particles, and the increase of peculiar smell will directly affect consumers’ purchase of products. Therefore, injection molding products need to be guaranteed that there is no bad smell.
1. Strictly control the use of additives
The TERT amines used in the production […]