Low Volume Manufacturing Service

Low volume manufacturing is a specialized service offering full production-quality parts but in volumes usually limited to 100,000 pieces or fewer, depending on the process used. This is an increasingly popular option for many product categories, allowing for a more limited investment in tooling and materials while providing quick access to markets, rapid response to shorter product life cycles and as a bridge between initial prototypes and high-volume production.

What are the consequences if the polishing time is too long during mold processing

As we all know, plastic mold is an indispensable supporting product in the plastic processing industry. There is also a plastic molding machine, which can make the mold structure better, higher precision and high integrity. However, because the plastic mold processing methods and materials will be different, the type and structure of the mold will not be the same.
In the process of plastic mold, because its polishing steps must also be experienced, but if it is not handled properly, […]

Needless to ask, you can’t see the development trend of injection mold

At present, our industrial application has involved various fields. As long as each industry makes parts, it is inseparable from the mold, because the mold can help them make the desired effect more accurately.
With the rapid development of injection mold industry, a new model based on information. The production efficiency of the injection mold industry has been greatly improved, which has a milestone impact on the manufacturing industry. Due to the organic combination of information related to injection mold […]

What is the to reduce the use time of precision mold processing?

What are the factors affecting the service life of precision mold processing? Here, Dj molding has sorted out some contents for you. Come and have a look.
1、 The main factor is corrosion failure. When the mold hardness is high, the corrosion resistance is good. If the die hardness is poor, the corrosion resistance is poor.
2、 Thermal fatigue crack damage failure, injection molding and mold are formed repeatedly under the action of cold and heat to form surface and internal […]

How to screen injection mold manufacturers?

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the competitiveness of the mold industry is also increasing. For example, in the industry with relatively low threshold of plastic shell injection mold processing, there are many manufacturers with different sizes and small ranges, which makes it difficult for many customers with real demand to find quality manufacturers.
Then Dj Molding will share with you some tips on how to select high-quality manufacturers in many injection mold processing. First of […]

Mold processing needs to be carried out according to the specified process to ensure its accuracy and quality

Mold processing needs to be carried out according to the specified process to ensure its accuracy and quality. Mold processing is a complex process, so we must be careful in processing. What is the processing flow of the mold? Let’s talk about it in detail.
1. Mold blank preparation
Most of the raw materials are metals. From the perspective of forging, the raw materials used are usually bars, plates and pipes. Operators should choose according to the shape and set size […]

Solution to the problem that injection mold cannot exhaust

When the injection mold is opened, the mold often can not exhaust. How to solve this situation?
From the design process of injection mold, the exhaust of injection mold is through the gap between injection mold parts. Most injection molds with small volume can exhaust naturally by using the clearance between the parting surface of the mold, the fit clearance between the push rod and the push rod hole and the fit clearance of the movable core hole.
For example, if […]

What abnormal problems will injection mold encounter

As we all know, all kinds of tools and products used in our daily production and life, from transportation to buttons and the shell of various household appliances, are closely related to the customization of injection mold. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the product, and the processing quality and accuracy of the mold also determine the quality of these products. But do you know what abnormal problems often occur in PC injection mold products? So […]

What’s wrong with the poor effect of injection molded products

In the production of some parts or objects with the help of injection molding molds, some products will have unqualified appearance and quality, which is a kind of problem that often occurs in the production process of injection molding. What factors may lead to the poor effect of injection molding products? Now let’s learn about the incentives.
Defects in the shape or quality of injection molded products may be related to the following factors:
1. Physical factors.
When there are bubbles in […]

Model manufacturing is inseparable from high-precision molds, and developers cannot ignore the communication

When developing products or trial producing new products, we should not only focus on R & D, but ignore the communication with the model manufacturing unit. After the product design scheme is preliminarily determined, contacting the manufacturer in advance has two advantages:
1、 It can ensure that the designed products have good forming process and will not be difficult to process and modify the finalized design due to parts.
2、 The mold making personnel can make design preparations in advance to […]

Development and application characteristics of precision mold

Compared with ordinary molds, precision molds are characterized by higher accuracy of assembly dimensions. Commonly used terms are the processing of some precision instruments, mobile phone molds, etc. Although the volume of precision die is small, its internal structure is very complex, which plays a very important role in the development of electronics, automobile or machinery industries. How exactly are precision molds processed?
What are the stages of precision die processing development
Before precision mold processing, it is necessary to develop […]