Plastic Injection Tooling

Five Steps Of The Injection Mold Production Process

 With the continuous development of automotive electronics, higher requirements for product modeling,
JasonMould here shares the five steps in the injection molding process.
1. The mold structure design
A set of high-quality molds requires not only good processing equipment and skilled mold making workers. Another very important factor is good mold design, especially for complex molds. The mold design accounts for more than 80% of the mold quality.
An excellent mold design is: under the premise of meeting the requirements of customers, the […]

What factors should be considered in the design of plastic injection moulds?

Injection cost

According to the size of the machine, how much per injection, so as to determine the product ranking mode and the number of holes. The more the number of moulds produced, the lower the cost of injection moulding. Because the cost of injection moulding is calculated according to injection order.

Product Appearance

According to the product appearance requirements, determine the parting surface. The position of parting surface should be beneficial to die processing, exhaust, demoulding, etc. The more products, the greater […]

Injection mold development cost and how to identify a high quality mold.  

What is the injection mold?
Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool for imparting complete structure and precise size of plastic products. Injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of complex parts of certain shapes, specifically refers to plastics that melt by heat from injection molding machines.
High pressure is injected into the cavity, and after cooling and solidification, a molded article is obtained.
Mold application:
Mold is the basic process equipment for […]

What Plastic Parts are on The Car?

Bumper housing

Also known as “bumper”, but in fact it is only the auxiliary shell outside the bumper, not the body of the bumper. Bumper housing plays the role of cushioning and energy absorption, the working environment is relatively complex, and the volume is larger, so it is generally made of polypropylene (PP), because of its lighter weight and better corrosion resistance.


Apart from wood and leather, the dashboards of automobiles are basically plastic, but there are differences between hard and […]

Requirements for selection of materials for injection molding parts

The selection of mold materials is an important issue in mold design and manufacturing, which directly affects the manufacturing process of the mold, the service life of the mold, the molding quality of the plastic parts and the processing cost of the mold.
Because of this, domestic and foreign scholars have developed new mold steels with good performance, processing performance and heat treatment deformation, such as pre-hardened steel, new quenched and tempered steel and maraging steel.
In addition, in order to […]

Does 3D Printing Replace Traditional Mould Manufacturing?

In recent years, with the development of industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry in China is developing rapidly from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”. 3D printing technology has been widely used in China’s manufacturing industry. 3D printers can provide efficient and low-cost support for die design and manufacturing. Even with the rapid development of 3D printing technology, in some areas, it has gradually begun to subvert the die technology, forming a direct competitive relationship with it.
“Compared with 3D printing technology, traditional […]

Proper Quality Management Extends Tool Service Life

In the production process, tools are subject to normal wear and tear. It is certain that quality management control in daily production will play an important role in the assurance of tool quality, which mainly covers the following aspects:

Effective data management, including production data, process data and drawing documents: Effective management of production data, process data and 2D/3D drawing documents is able to ensure a complete document library and full drawing versions, leading to effective sharing and effective inquiry […]

Common problems and precautions in plastic molds making

The production process of a set of plastic molds is not a one-step process. It is necessary to grasp the structural design of the product well, so as to avoid many problems in the subsequent production process, such as shrinking and flashing.
So, what issues should you pay attention to when making molds?
Don’t just focus on product design and neglect mold manufacturing
Some users just focus on product development when developing products or testing new products, always neglect communication with mold […]

Why the venting is so important for a plastic injection mold?

The venting slot serves two purposes: 1. Expel air from the plastic injection mold during the injection process of the molten plastic material; 2. Get rid of the various gases produced during injection molding processing. The setup of venting slots is of great importance, especially for thin-walled products or the locations far away from the gate. In addition, close attention should also be paid to venting slots for the production of small-size or precision parts, because they are able […]

The reason and solution for surface roughness

Surface roughness means there is a lack of precision in the surface of a molded part, or an inconsistent level of precision all over the surface, e.g. some areas are glossier than the rest. The main reasons for surface roughness might lie in the injection molding machine, the mold, the process or the material.
(1)Injection Molding Machine
①Insufficient material supply;
②Material barrel is not thoroughly cleaned when changing material;
③Check for cold melt leakage at the nozzle;
①The gate is too small, or the runner […]