Causes and solutions of rust in injection mold

The injection mold is made of tool steel. In the process of injection molding, corrosive gas, water and other substances will cause rust. It will cause rust on the injection mold. The quality problem of the plastic parts produced by the rusty injection mold will arise, so this problem needs to be eliminated.

Mingyang Yutong precision mold

First of all, we need to analyze the reasons for the rust of injection mold?
① Gases from the decomposition of plastic melts
Some raw materials will produce volatile gases after heating, and many raw materials will also produce volatile gases when they are overheated. These gases are mostly corrosive. They diffuse around the machine. When the injection mold does not work, they will corrode the mold.

In this regard, when the machine stops working, the injection mold shall be wiped with soft cloth and closed. If it is not used for a long time, the mold cavity shall be sprayed with rust inhibitor, and the mold shall be closed with butter and gate.

② Carbide produced during injection molding
After the injection mold works for a long time, carbide is precipitated and decomposed in the molding material, which often causes the mold to wear, corrode or rust. In this regard, if carbide formation is found, it should be wiped off and cleaned immediately with a dry cloth.
③ Cooling water in injection mold

There are many cooling water in the injection mold for rapid cooling, so there is more water and gas around the machine. If the injection mold is cooled to a certain extent, the air in the injection mold will form water droplets on the surface, which will easily rust if not wiped off in time.

Especially when the injection mold stops working, it will produce condensed water soon. Therefore, do not stop the injection molding easily. Even if you want to stop, turn off the cooling water and dry the injection mold.



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