Common quality problems of injection parts

A. Appearance:

Product surface often appears: shrinkage, drape, mixed color, mixed point, drag pattern, mold pattern, water pattern (material pattern), oil stain, crack, water pattern, air pattern, flow pattern, water pattern, deformation, color difference, uneven color, scratch, top white, top height, top piercing, blind hole, broken column, bubble, fogging, brittle, air pattern, uneven erosion pattern, unclear word mark, lack of glue, nozzle damage, residual glue deviation Long wait


B. In terms of structure:

1. Screw column position: lack of glue, flapping edge, lengthening, broken column (sticking mold), blind hole, hole eccentricity (column hole misalignment), deformation, scorch;

2. Buckle position: drape, burst, lack of glue, brittle fracture and deformation;

3. Nozzle position: crack, air mark, drape, flow mark, scratch and long residual glue;

4. Hole location: lack of glue, drape, blind hole, lack of glue, cracking;

5. Row position (core pulling part): drape front, drag blasting, multi glue;

6. Thimble position: drape front, top depth, top white, top explosion, perforation, high glue position;

7. Bone position: lack of glue, drape, deformation, strain, burst.


C. Dimensions:

The size does not meet the requirements of the drawing (large size, small size, unstable size);


D. Assembly:

1. 3. Loose fit; 4. Tight fit; 5. Uneven clearance and dislocation (lifting); 6. Gear stuck or slipping; 5;

Injection assembly


E. Color:

Color mixing, whitening, black spots, impurities, material lines, uneven color (color difference), yellowing, blackening, stains, and mismatching of assembled adhesive parts;


F. Strength:

It is easy to crack at the water mark / nozzle position with low strength. The product is brittle, the buckle position is easy to break, and the screw column is easy to crack or break;


G. Packaging:

The packaging materials do not meet the requirements, the placement method is not right (easy to be pressed, deformed or scratched), the number of packages is too much or missing, and the small plastic parts are mixed;


H. Raw materials:

Wrong brand, different batches of raw materials (with color deviation), black spots in white (transparent) raw materials, mixed nozzle materials, etc;


1. Words and marks:

Wrong words and marks, wrong direction, wrong logo of customers, unclear words / patterns, wrong words, etc;


J. Other aspects:

1. The box head sticker is filled in incorrectly (name, quantity, material, customer, color, date, etc.);

2. Package quantity error (over quantity, under quantity, quantity discrepancy);

3. Batch damage, flower, gap, residual glue and light spot of post-processing products;

4. Different products have different quality requirements; transparent products shall be free of bubbles, mixing points, obvious shrinkage and water marks on the surface, and defects affecting transparency such as pattern, drag pattern and pattern printing;

5. The assembly of injection molded parts should be understood first, so as to know whether the product quality defects affect the assembly or function;

6. The appearance requirements of internal rubber parts can be relaxed, mainly in terms of structure / strength;

7. Check the internal structure and control the appearance quality (including color) and compatibility of external adhesive parts;

8. Injection molding workers should master the quality standards and methods of checking plastic products, and be familiar with the assembly requirements of plastic products, so as to ensure good product quality.


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