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Today we will tell you the composition of gating system with injection mold. The gating system, commonly known as the runner system, is an inevitable passage, in which the molten plastic material ejected from the nozzle to the mold cavity.This system mailnly includes primary runner, sub-runner, gate and quench well.

  1. Primary runner

Known as the sprue,primary runner is the flow path from the nozzle to the contact part of bushing, which is the first part for the molten plastic flowing through the mold.

  1. Sub-runner

According to the design of injection mold, the sub-runner can be divided into first runner and secondary runner.The sub-runner is the transition area between the primary runner and the gate, which can make the flow direction of the molten plastic obtains a gentle transformation. For multi-cavity mold, it has the function of distributing plastic to each mold cavities evenly.

  1. Gate

Also known as the feeding inlet, it is a narrow passage between the sub-runner and the mold cavity, and it is also the most short and thin part of the whole system. It plays a role of accelerating the flow of plastic: The high shear rate can make the plastic flow well and the viscous heating can also enhance the material temperature and reduce the viscosity.

After molding, the gate will solidified the seal immediately, which prevents plastic material returns and pressure decrease too fast from making the molding product shrinked and sunk. It is convenient to cut off and separate the plastic parts from the runner system.

  1. Quench well

It is also called the cold material cave. It plays a role of storingthe cool plastic wavefront th the initial stage of complement filling, and preventing cold material into the mold cavity directly from disrupting the filling quality or blocking the gate. Quench well usually set at the end of the primary runner, but if the length of the sub-runneris too long, quench well should be set up at the end of the sub-runner.


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