Criteria to measure whether the die processing is qualified

For manufacturers specializing in mold processing, whether the finished mold products processed are standard and qualified will directly affect the production quality of subsequent products. Therefore, for some enterprises that need to use molds for industrial production, when purchasing molds, it is important to pay attention to whether they can meet the production quality and the subsequent application needs.

When selecting a mold, we can measure whether a mold is up to standard from the following aspects

1. Accuracy. No matter plastic mold or plastic mold processing, its accuracy and structural standardization in the production process are 2 to 4 levels higher than the accuracy of the actual workpiece to be produced. Only the products produced with this kind of mold can meet the actual production needs.

2. Mold service life. The molds produced by the mold processing manufacturers will be repeatedly used in the subsequent production and processing of products. If its quality is relatively poor, the probability of damage or disqualification of the products produced in a short time will be high, which is not conducive to saving production costs. Therefore, the requirements for the service life of the mold will be higher.

3. Look at the mold manufacturing cycle. The length of the mold production and processing cycle will directly affect the subsequent production and processing speed of the corresponding products. When selecting mold manufacturers for cooperation, enterprises should pay attention to the time of mold production and processing. If the cycle is too long, it is likely to affect the use of subsequent product replacement and the normal production of enterprise products.

In addition to the above aspects, we should pay attention to the cost of mold production and processing when selecting molds. If the cost of the whole mold production is on the high side, it will directly affect the economic benefits of the enterprise, and it is not a good choice for the enterprise.



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