Defect correction of injection mold products

In the process of plastic production, various reasons lead to different defects of various products. The following are common product defects and solutions:

There are some non design reasons, such as mold temperature, material temperature, high temperature, insufficient holding time and residual stress, etc. when the deformed products are out of the mold. The product wall thickness and uneven shrinkage, improper gate position and ejector position, and mold sticking must be considered in the design.

The vacuum state caused by too much broken return material or filler, too small and too little ejector bar, too fast jacking speed, too low material temperature, die sticking, too small gap, etc. the insufficient preheating of inserts with inserts will also cause cracks. A few products have to be annealed for stress relief.

Wear demoulding angle is too small, demoulding is difficult, verticality is not good, there are machining residues at the wear, such as burr at the front corner of the cavity after the grinder, too rough, etc., which are easy to solve.

Bubble temperature is too low, too high, wall thickness is too wide or too thick, moisture is too high, containing solvent or volatile, pressure is too high, exhaust is not smooth, injection cycle is too long, resulting in plastic decomposition in the barrel.

The die locking pressure of flash can not match the injection pressure, the die plate is deformed and not closed tightly, the temperature is too high, the gap of core cavity is too large, and the position is deviated.

The Striped plastic is overheated and decomposed, the pressure is too low, the runner and gate are too small and the position is improper, or the gate design is unreasonable, the injection occurs, and the plastic is not fully dry. If the temperature is too low, the ripple will be formed during mold filling.

It is difficult to avoid the weld mark when the multi cores are broken together. The reasonable control of temperature and injection speed, and the design of gate and exhaust overflow position can improve the appearance of the product



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