Design scheme and heat treatment of injection mold

At present, there are more and more plastic products, so there are more and more injection mold enterprises. However, the quality of molds produced by each enterprise is also not the same. Some people have questions. Why is the quality of the same technology and materials very different? Purongni injection mold manufacturer will tell you the reasons here.
In order to avoid similar problems, first of all, after the design scheme of injection molding products is determined, it is necessary to fully communicate with the mold processing enterprises to ensure that the mold manufacturing enterprises can fully understand the detailed characteristics and molding process of injection molding. So as to more accurately complete the production and production of injection mold.
Secondly, in the process of injection molding, one-stop assembly line should be realized to avoid confusion caused by long-time operation, which will affect the normal progress of injection molding. In addition, the injection molding machine tools and equipment should also pay attention to maintenance, and handle the details carefully, so as to obtain a batch of high-quality injection molding products.
It is emphasized that the heat treatment of injection mold is also an important factor affecting the effect of injection molding. The influence of heat treatment of injection mold is mainly heating speed, quenching temperature, quenching speed and so on. Quenching quality is the key. The quenching process and preventive measures must be strictly followed in the quenching process to ensure the effect of the die.
Different die quenching devices for injection molding also have different quenching treatments. Now, the commonly used furnace devices and workpieces for quenching treatment should be heated to 650 ℃ for preheating, and incubated for 1.5 hours to raise the temperature to 870 ℃. 1040 increased again for 1.5 hours; Incubate for 30 minutes and quench with oil at 150 ℃ to cool the natural air to normal temperature and tempering time, but the secondary tempering shall be at 520 ℃ and 540 ℃.



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