Development and application characteristics of precision mold

Compared with ordinary molds, precision molds are characterized by higher accuracy of assembly dimensions. Commonly used terms are the processing of some precision instruments, mobile phone molds, etc. Although the volume of precision die is small, its internal structure is very complex, which plays a very important role in the development of electronics, automobile or machinery industries. How exactly are precision molds processed?

What are the stages of precision die processing development

Before precision mold processing, it is necessary to develop and design it. This process mainly includes three stages: mold design, processing and assembly, mold test and repair. Before processing and manufacturing precision molds, we must rely on advanced production equipment. Only by continuously introducing advanced production equipment can we better improve the accuracy of precision molds and better meet the production needs of precision products.

Application characteristics of precision mold

1. It can be used to make products with high accuracy and small error;

2. It is made by precision molding process, with sufficient rigidity of die material and high dimensional accuracy of cavity;

3. In the processing process, the conventional injection molding machine is replaced by the precision injection molding machine.

Among many precision molds, the precision of high-speed terminal mold is very high. Most of the stamping materials are 0.08 ~ 0.2 mm, and the clearance after blanking is mostly controlled within 0.008 mm. The width of the punching hole can reach 0.25 mm. Its punch gives people the illusion of being weak without wind.

The market application of precision molds not only makes more and more enterprises engaged in precision goods processing have more possibilities to improve their product quality, but also provides a broader space for the development of enterprises. It can be seen that the continuous development of precision mold processing is also an important force to promote the continuous development of social productivity.



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