Difficulties of Plastic Shell Processing for Injection Molding

The shell of many common items in our life is basically made of plastic, such as mobile phone shell, refrigerator shell, computer shell, air conditioning shell, etc. All of them are produced by injection molding. The shell of a product is also a link that consumers come into contact with the product, regardless of the product performance, beauty and process, if the shell quality of the product does not meet the standards, it will leave a bad impression on consumers, directly related to whether the product can be successfully sold, so many manufacturers have strict requirements on the quality of the shell of the product. So what problems will we encounter in the production of injection molding shell?

  1. The dimension tolerance of the shell in injection molding process, if the size difference between the shell and the product itself is too big, that is, the gap is very large, it is easy for consumers to find, and leave the impression of inferior products.


  1. The smoothness of the shell surface in injection molding process, when consumers touch the shell, they should leave a comfortable feeling. The smoothness is closely related to the design of injection molds and the raw materials for injection molding.


  1. The spray paint of the shell for injection molding should be uniform and the odor should be cleaned up in time.


  1. The strength of the shell for injection molding should be durable. It takes at least several decades for products like general electrical appliances. During this period, it is unavoidable to bump into each other. Therefore, the shell for injection molding should have impact and so on.



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