Discussion on the causes of yellowing of plastic products

Generally speaking, the yellowing of plastic products is caused by the aging or degradation of materials. Generally, PP is caused by aging (degradation). Due to the existence of the upper side group of polypropylene, its stability is not good, especially in the case of light. Generally, light stabilizers are added. As for PE, because there is no side base, there is not a lot of yellowing at the initial stage of processing or use. PVC will turn yellow, which has a great relationship with the formula of the product

To put it bluntly, it is oxidation. The surface of some masterbatch is easy to be oxidized, so it is necessary to carry out surface treatment on masterbatch.

In addition to the bad additives and impurities in the system, I think it is mainly caused by aging. Adding appropriate antioxidant system and anti ultraviolet agent can improve the yellowing of PE and PP, but many hindered phenolic antioxidant systems will bring slight yellowing. In addition, some antioxidant systems and anti ultraviolet agents have resistance effect, so we should be very careful when using them. By adding polymer lubricant, a kind of flowing polymer fluoropolymer film can be formed on the machine wall, which can improve the extrusion processing performance, extrusion pressure and processing temperature of polyolefin resin, improve the product quality and production capacity, reduce the production cost, reduce or eliminate the melt fracture, and reduce the scrap rate.



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