Dj Mold tell you: if the materials are selected well, the product design is half successful!

Many designers  say in product design, the sad one is the selection of materials. For us, so are customers! If the customer chooses a material as the material for the production of the product, but if it is not verified by appropriate experiments, once there is a problem, it is a big problem!

In the aspect of material selection, no matter the design of injection molding products manufacturer and how careful the customer is, it is not too much.

So how does Dj Mold choose the material?

1、 Understand different properties of different materials

The common plastics are ABS, PC, PMMA, ABS, PS, hips, PP, POM, etc. Among them, the common transparent plastics are PC, PMMA, PS, ABS.

Generally, ABS + PC is used for more electronic products, and PC is used for display screen. If PMMA is used, surface hardening is required. Most of the low-grade electronic products used in daily life are made of HIPS and ABS, and HIPS has a tendency to replace ABS because of its better anti-aging properties.

2、 Master material properties, injection molding process, application range, etc

According to the characteristics of different materials, the product designers of macchiko summarized the following summary of common materials for reference:

3、 Verification of trust experiment

Another important way to shape the material is to verify it in many aspects by the trust experiment. This is that it is difficult to identify problems with the naked eye after injection molding. At this time, with the help of various experimental equipment, we can carry out cold and hot impact test, tensile test, high and low temperature test, high temperature test, low temperature test, ultraviolet radiation test, salt spray test, etc. to determine whether the injection molding product can maintain the stability of use in certain specific scenarios.

The designers of injection molding manufacturers choose the product materials through the cross use of the above methods. Such a report will be issued to the customers, and the customers can also trust the strength of the company more. To learn more about design, you can log in to the official website of Dj Mold, where you can find detailed technical Encyclopedia for your reference and look forward to your visit!



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