DJ Molding take you to understand the content of precision mold processing

Precision mold machining can be applied to many industries. The main processes of mold manufacturing include CNC milling, wire cutting, EDM, grinding, turning, measurement, automation, etc.

In fact, a mold part can not be completed without the use of various processes. In this process, constant clamping and calibration are required, which consumes a lot of time. Moreover, the machine tool does not work, and it is difficult to make full use of the processing capacity of expensive equipment.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the manufacturing field. Shortening the production cycle is the development trend. By using a stable and accurate benchmark system, some foreign fixture manufacturers have realized the unified benchmark exchange of milling, turning, measuring, electric spark and other processes. It only takes about 1 minute to complete the electrode clamping and alignment on the machine tool, and the repeatability is set at 3 μ Within m, a large amount of setting time is shortened, and the actual running time of the machine tool is improved. Facts have proved that this is a necessary condition for modern production. When the clamping and setting system is used, it already has the basis of automation.

The mold workshop is equipped with robots and flexible system management software to form the automation unit of the mold processing center. Foreign manufacturers have begun to develop from pure equipment suppliers to complete solution suppliers. At present, the unmanned mold manufacturing package can only adapt to professional mold manufacturers. For the manufacturing of various complex molds, due to the need for more pre commissioning and preparation time, it has not been well promoted, but the development of automation is the trend, and there will be more perfect development.

If you want to improve mold processing technology, you must find a manufacturer specializing in plastic products. The manufacturer shall have a full set of strength integrating product design and development, mold manufacturing, injection molding, secondary processing (vacuum coating, spraying, printing, laser engraving, inkjet printing, complete assembly) and other related industrial processes.



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