Dongguan injection molding factory expounds the product design problems

Through preliminary market research and product data provided by customers, R & D personnel and project leaders of Dongguan injection molding plant can formulate corresponding project feasibility report to accurately control the R & D progress and delivery cycle of products.

Before design, it is also necessary to understand and analyze the relevant technologies of the product. As designers, they need to timely understand and master the cutting-edge trends of relevant global technology development, and often think about how to apply new technologies, new materials and new processes to existing products, so as to continuously improve and develop new products.


Dongguan injection molding plant’s product related technologies include: product core technology, product structure and various problems encountered in production, development and application of new materials, excellent manufacturing technology, product surface treatment process, recycling and reuse of waste materials, etc.

The reason why we pay more attention to the application of new technologies in products is that new technologies have a great impact on products and have significantly changed consumers’ choice tendency to some extent.

The technological pursuit of new products and the innovation ability of similar enterprises will affect all aspects of design, and the main impacts are as follows:

1、 Influence on product form design

The application of many new technologies has greatly changed people’s aesthetic and functional requirements of products, so designers should have corresponding ideological preparation and change the shape design of products to the style loved by consumers, so that products can enter the market.

2、 Influence on product color design

Many consumers’ preferences for color will also begin to diversify. It is necessary to investigate the users of products, so as to start selecting the color of material selection.


3、 Impact on product function design

The application of some new technologies makes the functions of products more diversified and intelligent, rather than just one function. Designers should actively welcome changes and apply these elements to product design to meet the requirements of the market.

The above is the sharing of new product technologies by Dongguan injection molding factory. If you want to know more about Dongguan injection molding factory, you can log in to Dj molding’s official website. There are various processing cases for reference. We look forward to your visit!



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