Don’t ignore these problems in injection molding

Injection mold is also a processing method, but it is different from other processing methods. It is mainly aimed at some plastic products. However, a few mistakes can easily lead to unqualified finished products. Today, let’s introduce some problems that are easy to be ignored in injection mold processing.

1. Check whether there are signs of wear between the guide column and the guide sleeve after injection molding. If there are signs of scratch, it is caused by lack of lubrication. If the track just appears, you can also extend the life of the guide post and sleeve by adding more lubrication to the guide post and sleeve. If the wear is serious, a new component needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the cavity and core are not suitable, which will lead to different thickness of the cavity wall.

2. Check the flow of the injection mold, connect the hose at the water outlet, and make the water enter the bucket through the pipe. If the water is not clear or colored, it will rust, and bad water flow means blocking somewhere.

3. Clean the thimble. After one year, the thimble becomes dirty due to gas accumulation and membrane impurities. It is recommended to clean it with mold cleaner every six to twelve months.

4. Check whether the radius area of the thermal nozzle is broken. The fracture is caused by the clamping force of loose and hardened plastic fragments left in the thermal nozzle of the machine on the injection cylinder assembly during forward injection. If the damage is too serious to prevent petal leakage (the term previously used by the injection mold user is plastic leakage between the guide sleeve and the hot nozzle of the machine), replace the guide sleeve.


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