What is a mould? It is a pattern or tool of the product by the means of injection, blowing, ejection, casting, punching and so on in the industrial production. Chinese mould industry gained gratifying achievements in adjusting the industrial structure and implementing industrial upgrade. The quick development of the mould industry gives hope to many mould enterprises. But it is a pity that Chinese mould industry can not get rid of low-end market positioning. How to speed up the replacement rate of the molds and additional products and develop towards the high-end brands is becoming companies’ objective.. In order to meet the need of the products, there are eight main development trends for the mould.

The first one is that mould products are increasingly larger. This is due to increasingly larger of the parts which are used for the molding of products. In addition, it is also caused by “a multi-cavity mould” required by the high production efficiency.

The second development trend is that the accuracy of the mould is higher and higher. Ten years ago, the accuracy of the precision mould was about five micrometers. But now the accuracy can achieve two or three micrometers. Some professional manufacturers are making effort to produce the mould whose accuracy will be one micrometer.

Thirdly, the multi-functional compound mould will be further developed. The new-type mould can not only punch the forming components but also can take on other tasks such as overlying, threading, riveting and locking. In a word, the requirement for the steel material is higher and higher.

The fourth development trend is that the plastic mould plays a more and more important role in the hot runner mould. Because the hot runner technology can improve the production efficiency and quality and meanwhile save the raw material to some degree, this technology is developed very quickly. The hot runner technology has been adopted by many factories to produce the plastic mould.

Fifthly, some new moulds that adapt to high-pressure injection and molding will be developed with the continuous improvement of plastic molding process.

The sixth one is that the application of standard parts will be more extensive. The application of mold standardization and mould standard parts will greatly affect the mold manufacturing cycle. It can also improve the quality of molds and reduce the manufacturing costs.

Seventhly, the rapid and economic mould will have a promising future. It is the manufacturing era for diversities and short-run. From this point, people can see that the usage cycle of the product will be shortened and meanwhile the diversities will often be changed. In a word, this so-called rapid and economic mould gains more and more concerns.

The eight development trend is that with the light-weight development of the vehicles and electric motors the die-casting mould will be more and more important. At the same time, because of the complexity and accuracy of the spare parts the requirement for the die-casting mould is higher and higher.


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