Five techniques for optimizing injection molding process

What does “optimizing” the injection molding process mean? Generally speaking, this means that the process must be carefully checked to achieve valuable and effective process objectives. Let’s take a look at five techniques for doing this.

1. Quality control by manufacturing samples.
Of course, quality control is the key part of the whole molding production process, which is usually carried out in the later stage of production, while the quality control of sample parts is different. In order to pursue the optimization of injection molding process, sample parts can play a key role. They don’t have the risk of full production testing and optimization. In addition, they can have a better understanding of the process and how the machine was run in a more controlled environment.

By evaluating the sample production process of limited parts, we can directly understand the whole process, evaluate the part quality, injection volume, and the melting temperature of the actual batch of resin on hand. Results that can be obtained through sample runs and powerful quality control reviews often make up for the time and money you spend.

2. Mold evaluation and testing.
Checking the function of the mold with the required materials can also generate significant benefits in optimizing the molding process. A wide variety of resin materials and formulations are available, which means that the subtle differences between viscosity, melt temperature, mold temperature, etc. can be added together, resulting in cumulative fluctuations and changes in the molding process, resulting in parts scrapping and low process efficiency. Some key points of mold testing are shot test, filling rate and pattern, pressure curve evaluation and so on.

3. Test and adjust the mold and injection molding process.
After obtaining the available information from mold testing and sample part quality control, fine tuning can be made, which can greatly benefit process optimization and efficiency. For example, if you encounter short time problems or inconsistent fill times, you can adjust the mold design and layout to optimize for these problems. If the mold temperature is inconsistent or out of the acceptable range, it can be adjusted to obtain a better heating and cooling time.

4. Process parameters and performance range.
From machinery to molds to resins, every part of the injection molding process has an acceptable performance range. When you make incremental (or significant) adjustments to process components using the tangible results of the test, the results can begin to accumulate until you have a sense of profit, results, and value that you can provide to customers.

5. Create or follow the given experimental design process.
Repetitive processes will produce reliable and acceptable parts rates that can be easily troubleshooting and enable the operator to understand as much as possible how the process works. Repeatability is also a key factor to keep in mind when testing to optimize the injection molding process.

Experimental design essentially means that you are performing tests in a planned, structured, and documented manner. This means that any violations or other problems found can be easily traced back to their specific sources.



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