Foresight of mold design in Dongguan injection mold factory

As a mold designer of Dongguan injection mold factory, we must have foresight in design: list all possible mold problems, and then make foresight mold products with reference to past design ideas.

The mold designers of Dongguan injection mold factory fully consider the product structure and assembly. At the same time, they also need to consider the product demoulding, waterway layout, gate distribution, etc. the following will briefly introduce the design points of the product’s ribs, buckles, nut holes and other positions.


1、 Reinforcement design:

1. When using PC or ABS + PC, the thickness of rib shall not be greater than 0.6 times of the shell thickness;

2. The height shall not exceed 3-5 times of the body thickness;

3. The draft angle is 0.5-1.0 degrees;

4. Guide 40% – 60% fillet of rib thickness at the root of rib;

5. It is better that the spacing between two ribs is more than 3 times of the wall thickness.


2、 Buckle design

1. The snap in size of the buckle is generally 0.5mm ~ 0.8mm;

2. The position of the hook sinks 0.2mm on the parting surface, which is more convenient for mold manufacturing;

3. A clearance of 0.05mm shall be reserved on the occlusal surface of the hook and the clamping groove for mold repair in the future;

4. The clearance between the top of the slot and the bottom of the hook is 0.3mm, which is better as the rebound space for buckle deformation;

5. It is better to make the card slot closed (under the condition of ensuring that the wall thickness is just and the product does not shrink), and the wall thickness of the closed surface is 0.3m-0.5mm.


3、 Design of screw hole

The purpose of the screw hole is to connect the screw, guide pin and other fasteners, or to do the nut positioning and hot-melt column during hot pressing. The principle of designing the screw hole is to avoid no support and try to connect the other outer walls or ribs to increase the strength.

In addition, the thickness of the die profile shall be greater than 0.5mm: the draft angle of the mother die surface shall be greater than 3 degrees. For each increase of the bite depth of one thousandth of an inch, it is necessary to increase the draft angle by one degree.

Considering the above mold design problems, your mold can make the product mold smoothly. If you want to learn more about the mold design knowledge of Dongguan injection mold factory, you can log in to Dj Mold’s official website, where there are various processing cases for reference, and look forward to your visit!



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