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Today we will tell you the knowledge about the basic parts of an injection molding machine.

The injection molding machine is consists of four basic parts: the injection unit, the clamping and ejecting unit, electric and hydraulic control unit. The purpose of injection unit is to melt the plastic and conveys or forces the material into the mold. The clamping unit is to keep the mold in a closed position and to resist the pressures during injecting to form the material into a specific shape, and then opens after cooling to eject the product from the mold. The electric and hydraulic control units is to offer the power to injector and control the movement of injecting such as injection or clamping unit, screw movement or ejector action.

Plasticizing and injection system

The injection unit of the machine is used to plasticize the material at a rate consistent with the time. An exact amount of material for each shot is metered by volume or weight. The shot amount of material includes the sprue and runner system, and should not exceed 80% and less 20% the rated shot capacity of the injector.

In injection molding, an open-ended cylinder, referred to as a barrel, acts as a guide for the pellets to move the pellets and melt from hopper to the mold where the workpiece is made. The auger or screw conveys material down through the barrel to the mold.

Clamping system

It is the function of the clamp system to close the mold with moving platen which takes half of the mold, and hold it closed under pressure during shot and cooling, and then opens the mold so that the wokpiece can be knockouted from the mold. There are four clamping systems in injection molding machine: hydraulic clamping system, mechanical clamping system, hydromechanical clamping system and electric clamping system.

Ejecting unit

The knockout unit causes an ejection platen in the mold to change its location relative to the rest of the mold. Attached to this knockout plate is ejector or other devices such as ejecting pins, ejecting plate or ejection sleeve, which directly push against and eject the workpiece molded as the mold opens completely.

On most injection machines there is an adjustable stationary ejector platen to which are attached the ejector pins, which go through the movable platen. As the mold closes or opens, the ejector bars contact and stop the ejection plate.

Electric and hydraulic control system

The electrical controls can be mounted in a separate enclosure or on the machine. The manual control panel is mounted on the machine for the  operator’s convenience. Hydraulic gauge and controls are mounted for convenience in piping. The location of the hydraulic components and the electric motors depend on the individual machine. Most oil reservoirs are in the base of the machine. Fully hydraulic clamps can have tanks above the clamping end.


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