Four Critical Questions To Ask When Finding An Injection Mold Manufacturer

Sourcing An Injection Mold Manufacturer

Choosing an injection mold manufacturer that you trust can be the most difficult, but the most important decision you make for your business. Asking questions is one of the best ways to determine if you and a potential company are a good fit. Making sure a company can handle your request and accomplish it in a reasonable period of time is key. Quality and budgets are also key factors to ask about.

Here are four important questions to ask when sourcing an injection mold manufacturer. We’ve also included approximate answers that you should hear.

  1. Will Your Company Guarantee The Molds For The Life Of My Project?

This is a crucial question to ask and should always be addressed first. Because if your project isn’t guaranteed, you’re liable for any adjustments or repair to the mold.

Here Is What Your Answer Should Look Like:

“We stand behind our work 100%. Our molds are guaranteed through the life of your project. We stand behind our work and we’ll make adjustments and repairs within the lifespan of the mold as needed.”

  1. What Are The Capabilities Of Your Machines And How Many Presses Does Your Company Have Available?

This is an important question because the number of presses and the capability of a particular company can determine the speed by which your parts are made. Remember, fewer machines mean slower manufacturing.

Here’s What A Potential Manufacturer Should Say:

“We have a wide range and number of machine sizes to accommodate your project efficiently. Because of our wide capability, we’re able to determine the machine with the right size, pressure and tonnage for your job, so your run will be completed quickly and efficiently.”

  1. Do You Have An Experienced, Internal Tooling And Design Team?

This is important because using an external tooling and design team can lead to confusion, miscommunications and, ultimately, mistakes. If your tooling and design team are on-site, they can easily survey your mold and make changes, repairs and improvements on the spot.

Here’s What Your Answer From A Potential Company Might Be:

“We have an experienced tooling and design staff that will work with you from tooling, to manufacturing to shipping. Our staff is knowledgeable with decades of combined experience. We have the expertise to build high quality mold that fit your needs and budget.”

  1. Can You Work Within Our Budget?

This is the most straightforward, but important question you’ll ask. If you can’t stay within your injection molding budget, all of the other factors are moot.

Here’s What Your Answer Should Resemble:

“We’re able to work within a wide range of budgets to produce efficient, high-quality parts for your company. We will let you know if working slightly above or below your budget will be cost effective and beneficial in the long run.”

**Remember, Answers May Vary. You Should Be Hearing Similar, But Not Exact, Answers From Potential Manufacturers.

It is important to use questions such as these to narrow your choices, so your company can find the best value, quality and efficiency. Jasonmould Plastics can help guide you through this process! Contact us for more information on finding the right injection mold manufacturer for you.


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