Four Reasons for Insufficient Filling of Injection Molding Products

  1. Improper feed adjustment, lack of material.


Inappropriate feeding metering or abnormal operation of the feeding control system, abnormal injection cycle caused by injection molding machine or mold or operating conditions, small back pressure of pre-plastics or small particle density in the barrel may result in material shortage, for large particles, large voids and crystalline plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon For example, ABS and high viscosity plastics such as dragon should be adjusted to a higher volume.


When the barrel end stock is too much, the screw will consume additional injection pressure to compress and push the excess stock in the barrel, which greatly reduces the effective injection pressure of the plastic into the mold cavity and makes the product difficult to fill.


  1. Injection pressure is too low, injection time is short, plunger or screw back too early.


Molten plastics have higher viscosity and poor fluidity at lower working temperature, and should be injected at higher pressure and speed. For example, when making ABS color parts, the high temperature resistance of the colorant limits the heating temperature of the barrel, which is compensated by higher injection pressure and longer injection time than usual.


  1. Slow injection speed


Injection rate is very important for some products with complex shape, large thickness variation, long process, and viscous plastics such as toughened ABS. When high pressure can not be used to fill the product, high-speed injection should be considered to overcome the defect of unsatisfactory injection.


  1. Material temperature is too low.


The low temperature at the front end of the barrel prevents the melt entering the cavity from flowing prematurely due to the cooling effect of the mold, which prevents the filling of the distal end of the barrel. The upper melt enters the cavity at low pressure and low speed.


If the nozzle temperature is low, it may be that the nozzle loses heat when it contacts the cold mold for a long time, or if the heating ring of the nozzle is not heated enough or the material temperature is not good enough, it may block the feeding channel of the mold; if the mold does not have a cold material well, the nozzle is self-locking nozzle and the feeding procedure is adopted, the nozzle can keep the necessary. Temperature; when the nozzle is too cold when starting, it can sometimes be heated by a flame gun to accelerate the temperature rise of the nozzle.


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