Four tasks of injection mold

1、 Process Analysis of Plastic Products

Before the injection mold, there will be a design link. This link is to analyze which materials are used and whether these materials meet the conditions of the injection mold. You need to consult with the designer carefully and reach a consensus analysis. It is necessary to discuss the shape of the product, including a group of dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements, and avoid unnecessary matters in the process of injection molding.

2、 Determination of die materials and selection of die standard parts

For a set of high-quality molds, it is not only the processing technology but also the raw materials that need to be considered. However, when selecting materials, it is not only necessary to consider the quality and precision required by the finished products, but also the processing method. If the customer gives a short cycle, you can choose to refer to the existing finished products.

3、 Machining of parts and die head assembly

In mold design, apart from giving proper structure and reasonable tolerance, part processing and mold assembly are very important. Therefore, the processing method and precision cannot be ignored, because these two items determine whether the mold is qualified.

4、 Mold trial

A set of moulds is designed and assembled, but 70% – 80% of the whole manufacturing process is completed. In view of the inconsistency between the predetermined shrinkage and the actual shrinkage, whether the demoulding is smooth, and how the cooling effect is, especially the error caused by the influence of the gate size, position and shape on the product accuracy and appearance, the trial mold must be used for inspection. Therefore, mold test is an indispensable step to check whether the mold is qualified and select a suitable molding process.



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