Harmful Effects of Improper Heat Treatment Process of Plastic mold


In the process of plastic mold processing, cracks or deformation, easy oxidation and decarbonization of the surface are mainly due to the failure of the mold. The main reason for the failure of plastic mold is the improper heat treatment process, such as the improper selection of heat treatment process parameters such as heating temperature, holding time, cooling speed and so on.

First of all, it is about the influence of oxidation and decarbonization, mainly because die quenching is stopped at high temperature, but it can not be strictly controlled. In addition, after decarburization of the exterior surface of the mold, due to the difference between the inner and outer layers of the structure, there is a large structural stress in cooling, which leads to quenching cracks.


The second is about the speed of heating. Because the die steel contains more carbon and alloy elements and has poor thermal conductivity, the heating speed can not be too fast, so it should be stopped slowly to avoid the deformation and cracking of the mold. When quenching in air furnace, in order to avoid oxidation and decarbonization, packing maintenance heating is adopted. At this time, the heating rate should not be too fast, and the heat transmission should be slower.


If the heating speed of the mold is fast and the heat permeability is fast, great thermal stress will be generated inside and outside the mold. If it is not well controlled, such as deformation or crack, it is very easy to occur. Preheating or slowing down the heating rate is necessary for prevention.



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