Hot runner system should pay attention to the problem of injection pressure

Customers may not be very careful about the use of the hot runner system. Today, JasonMould would like to talk to you about the injection pressure when choosing a hot runner system.

Injection pressure loss in hot runner systems cannot be ignored.
Many hot runner mold users have a misconception that the plastic solution in the hot runner is always hot, so the hot runner injection pressure loss is much smaller than the cold runner.

In fact, in order to adapt to the needs of hot runner structure design, the flow distance of the solution in the hot runner system will be greatly increased, so the injection pressure loss in the hot runner system cannot be seen.
In practical applications, the injection pressure loss in the hot runner system is too large, which makes the injection molding difficult. Therefore, the flow distance of the plastic (such as PC, POM, etc.) and the solution in the hot runner system is poor.
Large, heavy parts, etc., should use CAE software for flow analysis.

After the production of the hot runner injection mold is completed, the shutdown operation of the injection machine is used, and the following operations must be performed:

First, turn off the heater of the hot runner system.

Second, turn off the cooling system of the mold.
For heated hot runner systems, the mold cooling system must be turned off after the temperature has dropped to 80 °C.

Before the end of the hot runner injection mold production, for high temperature plastics and heat sensitive plastics, refueling must be carried out.
For some plastics such as PCs, it can stay in the hot runner system and the barrel of the injection machine.
At a low temperature of about 160 °C, the injection can be interrupted for up to 12 hours, but it cannot be interrupted for a long time.
Thermal plastics cannot interrupt the injection.
In the barrel of the injection machine and in the flow path of the hot runner, there is a strong adhesion between the cured or semi-cured plastic and the metal surface, even separating the nitride layer.
The screw of the injection machine and the pin of the switch nozzle have a surface nitride layer. Therefore, do not interrupt the injection and perform the melt cleaning before shutting down.


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