How does the development of mold technology affect the mold?

The development of mold technology should serve the requirements of “short delivery time”, “high precision”, “good quality” and “low price” of mold products.

Die CAD / CAM / CAE technology is the development direction of die design and manufacturing.

With the development and progress of microcomputer software, the conditions for popularizing CAD / CAM / CAE technology have been basically mature. Enterprises will strengthen CAD / CAM technology training and technical services; Further expand the application scope of CAE technology.

The degree of mold standardization in China is constantly improving. It is estimated that the use coverage of mold standard parts in China has reached about 30%. Foreign developed countries generally account for about 80%.

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It is very necessary to select high-quality steel and apply corresponding surface treatment technology to improve the service life of the die.

Whether die heat treatment and surface treatment can give full play to the properties of die steel is the key link. The development direction of heat treatment is vacuum heat treatment.

Die surface treatment has improved and developed advanced technologies such as vapor deposition and plasma spraying.

Mold grinding and polishing will be automatic and intelligent.

The quality of  surface has a great impact on the service life of mold and the appearance quality of parts. It is an important development trend to study automatic and intelligent grinding and polishing methods to replace the existing manual operation in order to improve the quality of  surface.




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