How much do you know about mold design

1. Batch size test, mold production hours, can be made into wood or resin. However, if a die is used to obtain data such as shrinkage, dimensional stability and cycle time, a single cavity die should be used for experiment and can be used in production. Molds are generally made of gypsum, copper, aluminum or aluminum steel alloy, and aluminum resin is rarely used.

2. Geometric design: dimensional stability and surface quality shall be considered during design.

3. Dimensional stability. In the process of molding development, the dimensional stability of the contact surface between the plastic part and the mold is better than that of the part leaving the mold design. The dimensional tolerance of plastic parts shall not be less than 10% of shrinkage.

4. Plastic surface, as long as the molding material can cover, the surface structure of the visible surface of the plastic should be formed at the place in contact with the mold. If possible, the clean surface of plastic parts should not contact the surface of the mold.

5. Decoration: if the clamping edge of plastic parts is cut off by mechanical cross saw, there shall be at least 6 ~ 8mm allowance in the height direction. Other finishing work, such as grinding, laser cutting or jet flow, must also have allowance. The clearance between the cutting lines of the knife edge die cutting is the smallest, and the distribution width of the die is also small during edge cutting. We should pay attention to it.

6. Shrinkage and deformation. Plastic is easy to shrink (e.g. PE). Some plastic parts are easy to deform. No matter how we prevent it, students will cause development deformation in the cooling system stage. Under this economic condition, it is necessary to adapt to the geometric deviation of plastic parts by changing the shape of material forming die.

7. For the size of shrinkage, the following shrinkage factors must be considered when manufacturing blister molds.

(1) Molded articles shrink. If the shrinkage of the plastic is unclear, it must be sampled or tested with a mold of similar shape. Note: in this way, only the shrinkage can be obtained, and the deformation size cannot be obtained.

(2) Shrinkage caused by the adverse effects of intermediate media such as ceramics and silicone rubber.

(3) Shrinkage of main materials used in die design.



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