How to avoid pollution in injection molding

Contamination during injection molding can cause discoloration, streaks, delamination, and other types of defects in the injection molded part. So in order to form the product quality, the pollution problem must be solved. So how to eliminate pollution?

Start with material storage. If the plastic material is placed in a container that is not completely closed, it is almost certain that the material will be contaminated. There are a lot of dust, dirt, cardboard, wood, metal, grease and other potential pollutants in every injection mold factory. If the material is stored improperly, it will pollute the material.

Avoid mixing materials. Not only can wrong materials be put together to cause pollution, but some, such as PVC and acetals, are also dangerous when mixed.

If it is confirmed that the material is not polluted, the possibility of pollution can be analyzed from the aspects of process setting, injection mold and injection machine.



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