How to choose the best gate location

1. The gate must be designed in the area with the largest wall thickness.

2. The gate should not be set near the high stress area.

3. For the long parts, especially for the reinforced mixture, if the motor is possible, the gate should be set along the longitudinal direction rather than the transverse direction or in the center.

4. If there are two or more cavities, the parts and gate should be symmetrically arranged along the sprue.

5. For axially symmetrical parts, such as gears, plates, blades, etc., it is better to use diaphragm gate, and the gate should be set in the center, or multiple gates should be set on the three plate mold to obtain good actual flow characteristics.

6. For the parts with integral hinge joint, the fusion line should be far away from the hinge point when arranging the gate. In any case. It should be avoided to design the melt stop flow part near the hinge point.

7. The gate of cup-shaped parts (such as small shell, capacitor cup, etc.) should be designed near the base to avoid air cavitation.

8. For tubular parts, the melt should first fill the circumference of one end, and then fill the whole length of the tube itself. In this way, the asymmetric shape of the melt flow front can be avoided.

9. When molding around the hole plug, melt out core and other metal inlays, the molten resin should be able to flow around the inlays, so as to minimize the inaccuracy of the inlays.

10. For the exposed surface with invisible defects (such as gate trace), the gate can be set inside and the material can be fed to the pop-up pin by tunnel gate.

11. In complex parts and multi cavity dies with different shapes, the gate position should be as far as possible to avoid the short stop of the melt flow front in the filling process.

12. It is obvious that these suggestions can not cover all applications. In practice, compromise is always needed to achieve balance, which depends on the complexity of the specific molding process.



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