How to improve the accuracy of parts when producing parts with molds

There are many parts in life that cannot be processed without molds. Using molds to process different types of parts will lead to higher accuracy and qualification rate of parts. In the process of processing parts with the help of molds, if enterprises want to better improve the accuracy of the whole part, they need to choose qualified molds, and also do a good job in the adjustment of processing equipment and reasonable process adjustment, so as to make the final processed parts of better quality.

How to improve the accuracy of parts when processing parts with the help of molds

Formulate reasonable NC programming

The processing of parts mostly needs the help of numerical control equipment to do fine processing, and numerical control programming is a very basic and important work in the operation of numerical control equipment. In the processing of a workpiece, the quality of its programming directly affects the quality of the final finished parts. When processing parts, you can skillfully apply fixed programs and flexibly use auxiliary programs to adjust the whole programming system, which can not only maintain the consistency of parts processing size, but also improve parts processing efficiency.

Arrange appropriate processing routes

When using the mold to process parts, for the route in the whole processing process and the processing sequence of the overall process, we should pay attention to the optimization from the aspects of feed mode and processing trajectory, so as to ensure the processing accuracy and specific processing efficiency of the whole part.

Determination of cutting amount of parts

After some parts are processed with the help of dies, there are still some deviations, which need to be repaired with the help of CNC machine tools. When cutting parts, rough machining the parts with relatively large cutting degree should be carried out on the premise that the rigidity of the whole part meets the application requirements, and then reduce the times of cutting in turn to better ensure the quality of the final parts.

At present, there are many enterprises that can do mold processing and production in the market. The technical level of different enterprises is uneven, so the accuracy of the molds produced will also be different. If the selected mold itself is not standard, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of subsequent parts. Therefore, when purchasing molds, enterprises should choose regular large-scale manufacturers, so as to lay a good foundation for subsequent production and processing and provide more convenience.



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