How to improve the machining accuracy of machining center

In the actual industrial production, the processing of many parts or articles needs the help of certain molds. In the process of mold processing, it is often necessary to repair, process and improve the specific details of the whole mold with the help of the machining center, so that the final processed mold can better meet the needs of subsequent enterprise production operations. How can we better improve the accuracy of mold processing? Let’s take a look.

In the process of mold processing with the help of machining center, pay attention to the following aspects, which can better improve the accuracy of the whole mold:

1. Clamping and correction

In the process of processing the mold with the help of the machining center, it is necessary to pay attention to firmly clamping the whole mold parts to avoid loosening and vibration during the processing. If the clamping is not firm before processing, the subsequent process should be carried out after the firm treatment.

2. Tools

There are many types of cutting tools in the machining center, and in the process of mold production and processing, we should always pay attention to the adjustment of the wear of the whole cutting tool and the change of the corresponding angle. Once there are problems such as tool damage and tool cutting angle deviation, they should be adjusted in time. In addition, during the processing process, try to choose knives that are rigid and sharp, which can also better improve the accuracy of the whole mold.

3. Processing

In the whole processing process, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform feeding and not sudden excessive feeding, so as to avoid the increase of waste of disabled raw materials. In addition, pay attention to adjust the cutting speed of the tool, not too fast, in order to prevent chip flow.

In the process of mold processing with the help of machining center, we should also do a good job in dealing with the process problems in the whole mold production and processing, such as correctly heat treating the materials and reasonably arranging the heating process of the whole materials. And pay attention to selecting the appropriate material feeding route, so that the progress of the whole process can become more smooth.


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