How to improve the service life of molds? Dj Mold, who has more than 10 years of experience in over mold in the industry, tells you!

No matter what object has a certain service life, the glue coated mold is no exception. When it is used to a certain extent, the glue coated mold will fail and need to be opened to produce a new mold. The service life of the glue coated mold is affected by many factors. Only over mold factory with a complete understanding of these factors can suit the remedy to the case and produce a mold with a longer service life.


With the rapid development of economy and increasingly fierce market competition, modern enterprises must participate in market competition with the purpose of high quality, low price and short cycle. The main process equipment of mold injection molding industry adopts mold to produce parts, which has a series of advantages such as high production efficiency, good quality, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction, As an important process equipment for the processing of injection molding products, the processing quality of over mold is not only related to the excellent performance of plastic products, but also directly related to the production cost of enterprises.


1. Over mold:

The first mock exam material is used improper, mold material postprocessing is improper, mold processing is bad, mold design is not good (glue injection system, ejection system, etc.), improper cavity layout or different types of products are in the same mold.


2. Structural design of over mold

Cavity and core are the main molding parts of molded plastic parts. Whether the strength and stiffness of cavities with different structural forms and the convenience of repair and replacement of vulnerable parts are different. Therefore, considering the service life of the die, the structural form with good strength and stiffness and easy repair can prolong the service life of the mold.


3. Over mold material and heat treatment

The injection mold is generally complex, and the requirements for precision and surface roughness are relatively high. The selection of mold materials will affect the mold quality and use quality.


4. Use and maintenance of over mold

Whether the use and maintenance of the mold are correct or not is also a major factor affecting the service life of the mold. The mold is properly debugged, the parameter design requirements of the injection molding machine in production are consistent, and the planned regular maintenance of the mold can improve the service life of the mold to a specific extent.

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