How to match color of plastic masterbatch

The color matching of plastic color masterbatch is based on the three basic colors of red, yellow and blue, to match the colors that are pleasing, meet the color difference requirements of the color card, economical and can not change color when used after processing. In addition, plastic coloring can also give plastics a variety of functions, such as giving plastics some special functions; Improve the light resistance and weatherability of plastics, such as conductivity, antistatic; Different color agricultural film has the function of weeding or avoiding insects, raising seedlings and so on. That is to say, color matching and coloring can also meet the requirements of some applications.

Colorants are mainly divided into pigments and dyes. Plastic masterbatch pigment is a kind of colorant which can’t be dissolved in common solvent, so it is necessary to disperse the pigment evenly in plastic by mechanical method in order to obtain ideal coloring performance. According to the structure, it can be divided into organic pigment and inorganic pigment. Inorganic pigment has good thermal stability and light stability, low price, but poor coloring power and high relative density; Organic pigments have high coloring power, bright color, complete chromatogram and low relative density, but their disadvantages are that they are inferior to inorganic pigments in heat resistance, weather resistance and covering power. Dye is an organic compound which can be used in most solvents and dyed plastics. It has the advantages of low density, high coloring power and good transparency. However, its molecular structure is small and it is easy to migrate during coloring.

Pearlescent pigment, also known as mica titanium pearlescent pigment, is a kind of mica chip coated with titanium dioxide. According to the different hues, it can be divided into silver pearlescent pigment, rainbow pearlescent pigment and color pearlescent pigment.

White pigments mainly include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and lithopone. Rutile titanium dioxide has high refractive index, high covering power, good stability and weather resistance.

Carbon black is a commonly used black pigment. It is cheap, and it also has the function of ultraviolet protection (anti-aging) and conduction of plastics. Different production processes can get different kinds of carbon black with a wide range of sizes, and the properties differ greatly. Carbon black can be divided into pigmented carbon black and rubber reinforcing carbon black according to its use. Pigmented carbon black can be divided into high pigmented carbon black, medium pigmented carbon black and low pigmented carbon black according to its coloring ability. In order to improve the coloring power of carbon black, the dispersion of carbon black should be solved.



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