How to reduce the dimensional tolerance of plastic mold factory?

With the increasing requirements of customers, more and more complex products, and higher and higher mold tolerance accuracy requirements, how should plastic mold factories reduce the mold dimensional tolerance?

What are the factors that affect the accuracy of machining? 1. Dimensional accuracy 2. Shape accuracy 3. Position accuracy 4. Processing equipment accuracy 5. Processing technology of technicians
Aircraft interior parts mold

So what should plastic mold factories do to reduce dimensional tolerance?

In order to reduce the mould manufacturing error, the plastic mould factory should first improve the machining accuracy, but with the more and more precise CNC machining equipment put into use, this problem has been well controlled.

In addition, we should pay attention to the errors caused by the wear and deformation of the mold. When machining the mold with high precision and large output, the key parts such as the cavity and core should be hardened by quenching.

No matter for the tolerance of mould or product, plastic mould factory needs to finish machining in every manufacturing link, so that the size of plastic products can meet the requirements and stable production.



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