How to solve the problem of insufficient filling in the process of plastic injection molding

In the process of plastic injection molding, there will be a variety of problems, and insufficient filling is a phenomenon with high probability, so what is the reason for insufficient filling? How should we solve this problem? Mr. Fu, a teacher of Jiangsu injection molding factory for many years, shared it with you.

Plastic injection processing

1、 The main reasons for insufficient filling in plastic injection molding are as follows:

1. Insufficient resin capacity.

2. There was insufficient pressure in the cavity.

3. The fluidity of resin is insufficient.

4. The exhaust effect is not good.

2、 How to solve the problem of insufficient filling in plastic injection molding process

1. Lengthen the injection time to prevent the mold cavity from being difficult to fill due to the resin countercurrent before the gate curing due to the short molding cycle.

2. Increase the injection speed.

3. Increase the mold temperature.

4. Increase the temperature of resin.

5. Increase the injection pressure.

6. Enlarge gate size. Generally, the height of gate should be equal to 1 / 2 ~ 1 / 3 of the wall thickness of products.

7. The gate is set at the place with the largest wall thickness.

8. Set the exhaust groove (the groove depth is 0.01 ~ 0.03mm, the width is about 5 ~ 10mm, depending on the type of plastic) or exhaust rod. It is more important for smaller workpieces.

9. Choose low viscosity grade materials.

10. Add lubricant.

Find out the cause of insufficient filling. In the installation of the above method, 99% of the insufficient filling can be solved. If it can not be solved, we must consider whether it is the mold, operation, plastic particles and other reasons. After all, these factors can lead to insufficient filling in the process of injection molding.



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