How will injection molding be affected

Mold designers must have rich experience in design and injection molding, and must consider the relationship between these factors and injection molding conditions and their apparent factors, such as injection pressure, cavity pressure and filling speed, injection melt temperature and mold temperature, mold structure, gate type and distribution, and discuss the influence of gate area, wall thickness, filler content in plastic, plastic crystallinity and orientation. The influence of the above factors also varies with plastic materials or other molding conditions, such as temperature, humidity, continuous crystallization and molding machine.

Among the related factors affecting precision injection molding, mold is the key to obtain precision plastic products that meet the quality requirements. Mold design, mold design is reasonable, will directly affect the quality of plastic products. The mold cavity size is obtained by the required size of plastic products plus the shrinkage rate of the materials used. The shrinkage rate is often a value within the recommended range of the plastic manufacturer or engineering plastics manual. It is not only related to the mold gate type, gate location and distribution, but also related to the crystal orientation (anisotropy) of engineering plastics, the shape and size of plastic products, and the distance and location from the gate. The main factors affecting plastic shrinkage include heat shrinkage, phase change shrinkage, orientation shrinkage, compression shrinkage and elastic recovery, which are related to the molding conditions or operating conditions of precision injection molded products.

Because the injection molding process is the change process of plastics from solid (powder or particle) to liquid (melt) and then to solid (product). From particulate matter to melt, and then from melt to product, through temperature field, flow field and density field. Under the action of these fields, different plastics (thermoset or thermoplastic, crystalline or non crystalline, reinforced or non reinforced, etc.) have different polymer structures and rheological properties. All factors affecting the “field” will affect the physical and mechanical properties, dimensions, shape, accuracy and appearance quality of plastic products.

In this way, the internal relationship between process factors and the performance, structure and morphology of polymers and plastic products will be shown through plastic products. It is of great significance to analyze these internal relations for formulating injection molding process, designing and manufacturing molds according to drawings, and even selecting injection molding equipment reasonably. There are also differences in injection pressure and injection rate between precision injection molding and ordinary injection molding. High pressure or ultra-high pressure injection molding and high-speed injection molding are usually used to obtain smaller molding shrinkage.



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