Ingenious design of lifter in injection mold processing plant — solving the problem of poor assembly

The designers of the injection mold processing plant found that if there is no preset gap in the mold design, it will lead to many problems such as poor assembly and needle breakage and needle burning when ejecting the mold. So how do the mold design engineers of Dj molding solve this problem?


1. Design skills for connecting lifter: since there is no allowance for the large inclined plane of this kind of lifter, and there is no allowance for the vertical positioning plane as the reference plane, it is required to leave 0.1 allowance on the corresponding vertical plane on the inner mold for fit mold during line cutting. If it is impossible to leave margin on the inner mold, the inclined plug should leave margin to meet the requirements of fit mold. Pay attention to it when making process.

2. Design skills for non connecting lifter: designers in many injection mold processing plants are used to designing this vertical datum without allowance. Although there is 0.1 allowance on the large inclined surface of the inclined roof, it may be affected after installing the inclined rod. In order to prevent insufficient fit, it is also required to leave 0.1 allowance on the corresponding vertical surface of the internal mold. Note that it is unreasonable for the process drawing to require the dovetail groove surface to also leave allowance, which is easy to cause the dovetail groove matching problem. Pay attention to it during wire cutting.

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