Injection molding actually has several methods

In fact, injection molding is also a processing procedure, and many supplies have to go through this procedure, because it is mainly to further improve the quality and safety level of tools, so that customers can buy and use them at ease. Injection molding procedures are also divided into many kinds. We only briefly list the following.

Compression injection molding: (compression molding) is an advanced form of traditional injection molding.

Advantages: it can increase the flow ratio of injection molded parts; Use less clamping force and injection pressure; Reduce the internal stress of materials; And improve processing productivity.

Injection compression molding is applicable to all kinds of thermoplastic engineering plastic products, such as large curved parts, thin-walled parts, small parts, optical lenses, and parts with good impact resistance requirements.

1、 Exhaust injection molding

Exhaust injection molding: the purpose of the “exhaust” program is to allow the departure of volatile fission products produced during polymerization and solidification. If these gases cannot be discharged from the cavity, they will cause incomplete products or bubbles in the sealing process.

2、 Low pressure injection molding

Low pressure injection molding process is a packaging process, which uses very low injection pressure to inject hot-melt materials into the mold and cure quickly. The excellent sealing performance and excellent physical and chemical properties of hot-melt materials are used to realize insulation, temperature resistance and impact resistance. It has the functions of damping, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof and chemical corrosion resistance. It plays a good role in protecting electronic components.

3、 Water assisted injection molding

Water assisted injection molding technology is an advanced injection molding process, in which a part of the melt is injected into the cavity, and high-pressure water is injected into the melt through the device to finally form the workpiece. Water assisted has many advantages over gas assisted. The research and application show that the water aid can produce thinner and more uniform cavity wall, and the inner wall surface of the channel is very smooth. Especially for thick wall workpieces, water assisted and gas assisted cooling time can be greatly shortened.



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